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so if you have seen it or not

I just want to know... Why?? What happened to, "tell them the Lich King is dead and Bolvar Fordragon died with him?"

How did Vol'jin, Baine and Princess Talanji know when Tirion (by lore standards) who was there when Bolvar took the Helm of Domination and told Tirion Fordring that don't tell people what happened here...

Tirion is dead since Legion and there's no lore where he told people, "oh yeah Bolvar just took over Arthas job so don't freak out that the Lich King is still alive and all."

That part I didn't understand seriously... I mean I thought we were supposed to be afraid of the Lich King like before, but Vol'jin was like, "wassup man! You be playing tricks with me again have you? I bet you told me on my deathbed to give Sylvanas warchief right lul" like they were buddies

It would of made it a bit better if Blizzard made it where the whole group is like, "wait who are you??"

But yeah that's one thing that made me a bit annoyed

One of the players is obviously a snitch!
The Lich King original soul, bound to the Helm of Domination and to the armor, merges with whoever wears the set.

Arthas had his soul in a conflict with Nerzhul’s and defeated the orc’s soul in order to kind of rule alone. This is described in length in the novel.

After Arthas’ death, the new “wearer” of the magical set is Bolvar. I’m not sure about this I’m going to say now, but as far as I’m concerned, Bolvar had to deal with Nerzhul soul and either won or got merged.

That said, Nerzhul’s power, bound to the armor and helmet, is a god-like power. That’s why he was able to reach Kelthuzad’s mind with an ocean between them. Far far away, on the top of the glacier, he was strong enough to reach Lordaeron.

And why, tell me, wouldn’t it be possible to such a thing happen again?

I honestly believe that it is/was possible to Bolvar/Nerzhul or whoever has control of the Lich King entity to reach Vol’jin or even, I dare say, anyone in some way connected, attuned to or near death.

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Unless I'm mistaken, Frost DK's essentially purged the fragmented remains of Nerzul's power and Arthas' influence when asking for Bolvar's help in making the shards of Frostmourne into an artifact. What's left is all Bolvar... But we don't know how much Nerzul twisted him before we ended it. (assuming I'm right.)

Edit: Also there was an attempt to raise Tirion as leader of the 4 horsemen. So it's no secret he still exists.
Isn't putting Lich King in 8.1 pretty spoilerific anyways?

I don't care, just seems like it is.
Well they probably got some sort of pamphlet in the mail saying there's a sale in Northrend.

'there always must be a lich king' and GREAT SAVINGS!!!!. come to Una'pe this weekend...allsalesarefinal.
I know darian mograine knows about Bolvar (especially since the dps worked with him in legion). I think jaina and Sylvanas were the only others that knew about Bolvar as well.
Bolvar stated "No one must know of what happened here today", then they put a statue in the middle of Dalaran where everyone could see it. Way to keep a secret Fordring!
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One of the players is obviously a snitch!

Not me, I swear!

For the lich ki- I mean for the Dark lady....
Bolvar reveals himself to the Death Knight's in Legion. The secret is out.

Prior to that it was Sylvanas, Jaina, Tirion, and the player who knew. Everyone else believed Bolvar died at the Wrathgate.

In 8.1, Bolvar gets pretty irate at Vol'jin, Talanji, Baine and the player. So much so Bwonsamdi has to open an immediate gate to get them to safety. I don't really think they are taking their interaction with Bolvar very lightly.

EDIT: I believe Darion knew prior to Legion as well.
All the Heros that fought Arthas, Jaina, Varion, Sylvanas, Garrosh, Tirion, and anyone withen the Crusade and Ebon blade knew of the LK change of hands. I would assume the knowledge was/is passed onto the leaders of the factions just in case we go to war with the scourge again.
I want the Lich King to return already, he by far is the most intriguing character to date in WoW lore...
Something as powerful as the Lich King changing hands will no doubt have rippling implications through out the world.

Anyone or thing attuned to such can say they felt the transition. There is the Sylvanus story where she walks right up to the throne so others might have too in that brief time of transition. Then you have the artifact quests of DKs and the mage artifact which takes you into ICC.

And everyone knows mages are the worst gossips. ;p

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