lvl 117 slump


Ever since hitting level 117, life has gotten a *lot* harder for my subtlety rogue. I've been playing that rogue (always subtlety) as my main all throughout Legion.

But since I've reached 117, I've had a lot of HP problem and low DPS. Soloing rares is now a very dangerous thing even though I was rolling them from 110 to 116. Same thing with getting adds in a fight, or, really, more than one adversary.

Is that a normal slump for sub rogues at that level, or am I missing something? (I've read the Icy Veins guide for stats, talents, etc...)
Legion legendaries stop working at 116.

Due to scaling, each level from 110-120 gets progressively more difficult. However, if you're in Legion gear, that scaling curve hits you like a truck at 116 in particular.
I was aware that my 2 legendaries had lost their special powers. But have they lost their regular stat bonuses?
I don't remember having much issue with leveling sub rogue despite scaling. Energy gets way less plentiful so you'll have to watch instead of spamming.

I recommend taking mark for Death while leveling because of the easy big finisher that refreshes every mob kill.

Weave in cooldowns. Shadowblade is enough to wipe out a mob or two without blowing cooldowns. Shadow dance explodes mobs combined with mfd. In between cooldowns stunlock with cheap shot and mfd kidney.

Use sap and blind to control adds. You have a lot of tools to make leveling a smooth experience.
Have you thought about leveling as Assassination then using Sub for dungeons etc? We do have three specs might as well use them all. I had zero issues leveling 110-120 as assassination, it was super fast.
Outlaw was pretty good for leveling. I also leved in warmode witch gave me some nive pvp talents including the extra healing vial. Two heals combined with iron stomach made me fairly hard to kill.

I know people hate warmode, and i suppose it was easier at launch; it should be easier as a rogue though.
I thought about warmode, for Death from Above. I'm so damned pissed that we lost that talent... But now, at 42 years old, getting randomly ganked while I level isn't my idea of fun.

But my rogue isn't my main anymore just because of death from above. The last tier of talents is just bleh. Very boring now.
Leveling as Assassination was pretty easy.
I gave it another try with the many tips. Much better. I think I wasn't using shadow dance often enough, mistakenly keeping it for rares or quest mobs.

It's working a lot better now and I may give mfd a try later.


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