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Greetings to everyone on Wyrmrest Accord!

As my title suggests, I'm on the hunt for a guild that is in need of a restoration shaman.

I really do love my current guild but we only have one raid team and we don't really need another healer. So, sadly, I may need to scratch that itch with another group.

Who am I?

Last expansion I was a restoration druid main. I felt like changing it up a little in this expansion so (originally) I switched to an affliction warlock. I went from HoTing my friends to DoTing my enemies. Well, it wasn't what I was wanting.

I enjoy healing more than anything else. It's relaxing. I'm okay with DPSing as an off-spec and assisting when needing as that extra DPS role but I would like my primary role to be a healer.

My Shaman is currently 353 ilvl.

What am I looking for?

What I would like to find is a semi-casual progression guild that core raids twice a week. I'm open to other optional raids throughout the week, too.

My ideal raid times would be Friday, Saturday, or Sunday after 7-8 pm EST.

Either normal or heroic progression would be ideal. I don't have any mythic experience so I would have a learning curve there.

To be honest, I'm here for the community and for the enjoyment of game-play. I'm not a cutting edge player and I'm not expecting to land in a cutting edge guild.

Raiding experience

8/8 Normal
6/8 Heroic
0/8 Mythic

Everything else

I work full time, so I play maybe an hour a day through the week (with the exception of Friday). Exceptions can also be made if a raid happened throughout the week.

Weekends I have mostly free to play. I currently raid Friday and Sunday, so both of those days would still work.

I'm down for raiding with a guild outside of being in the guild too, if that is of interest.

I'm down for trail runs to see if we gel before committing.

I'm down for friending up for mythics and just having a good, ol' time.
Hey there Mayluna! My guild is in recent need of a healer. We have the same progress as you, so you'd be picking up right where you left off. We love to do mythics and have fun, and play other games outside of WoW together. My brain is currently fried from writing two midterm essays, so if you'd like to talk later one-on-one when my brain isn't pudding, you can contact me at GilneanRose#1104

I can also drop our guild's forum ad so you can look into our deets for yourself: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20765906727
Hey Mayluna,

If you haven't really found a good home yet, I would love to talk to you about us at Remnants of Hope! We're a 9 year old gaming community that is active and recruiting on both sides! Check us out at www.remnantsofhope.com! My Bnet is Tyrtaeus#11971. I think we're pretty close to what you're looking for and would really like to address any questions or concerns you may have!

Best of luck and hope to hear from you! Take care!

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