What's the oldest item in your bank?

Wyrmrest Accord
Like the title says. Anything old and wierd in there?

I recenty rejojned WoW after a long absence and discovered there were tricky treats from some Hallows' End past buried in my bank, along with some other world event holiday currency.
Probably one of those dresses from a holiday event from like 10+ years ago when I started collecting pretty clothes. This was before I knew RP was a thing, so I was pretty set when I discovered WrA and moved here to RP.
I have Very Sticky Glue (OG Durotar quest) and a Human Bone Chip (OG Alterac Valley) in my Mage's bank, as well as my original Warlord's / Marshal's set.

My rogue who I abandoned at about level 87 has the original Naxxramas Argent Dawn tabard.
I've got gear from pre-revamp Zul'Gurub, as well as some of the coins. I've also got the Exalted trinket from AV rep and (I think) the Argent Dawn Commission/Seal of the Dawn.
I know I've got something...hey, you've inspired me to log back in for the first time in two weeks to check!


I'm sitting on some Blood of Heroes.
I've got a couple of shirts back from BC. I've got the Blood Elf starter paladin one, the Draenei Shaman and Hunter shirts, and the Orc Hunter one.

I only now realize how valuable they are but I'm not letting them go out of sentiment.
I'd have to log in and check on my priest, I know I trashed and deleted some outdated items like ZG coins. I have Anathema/Benediction and when I was farming this I ended up acquiring an extra eye trinket but I can't remember which one it is. It's the one that lets you see the easter egg in Shattrath.
Severed Night Elf Head or Dwarf Spine probably.
My old warlock alt has the furbolg transform rod. The good one with a 3 min duration and a 1 min cooldown. It was from some Ashenvale quest, I think.
Brawlers Harness (shirt)
Probably my eye of divinity and eye of shadow.

For stuff that's actually in my Bank, I found a book called "The Horde's Hellscream" that's from the same Patch as the Tabard.
I still have the Primal Robe that shamans have as starting gear in my bank, from when I first made Ursuola.

I used to have the tabard from the 2008 Olympics, too, but I sadly don't have access to that account anymore.
I wish keys hadn't just disappeared when they nixed the Keyring, would have been neat to hold onto some of those.

e: I still kick myself for selling the old ZG claw set that turned you into a Weretiger. I needed like 100g for flying in BC and didn't want to wait.
I have a ton of old stuff from vanilla on Bae (acquired in tBC, obviously) and some legit acquired-during-vanilla stuff on my hunter. Tons of it's no longer available.

Even Viezra has the original dungeon2 set, not the replicas.
Too much. Old zg stuff, the wrath pre-patch trinket, stuff like that. Older stuff on pre-TBC characters and a lot from vanilla-Wrath that’s been removed in this guild bank.

One of my mages has the first brewfest tankard and it should still be full.
Oh, some materials from the old bloodstone and Firestone questline for warlocks back in vanilla. A copy of the books from the Hillsbrad questline from pre Cata. All from when this character was an orc, mind you. My warrior still has his old whirlwind axe. I think those are the oldest items I still have on this account.
Necro-Knight's Garb and the stuff used during the warlock mount summoning in Dire Maul.
Lord Blackwood's Blade, Linken's Sword of Mastery, and Arcanite Ripper to name a few.
10/31/2018 12:34 PMPosted by Atos
My warrior still has his old whirlwind axe. I think those are the oldest items I still have on this account.

Oh yeah! I have the fire-hardened set on my warrior and the blood robe for my warlock.

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