What's the oldest item in your bank?

Wyrmrest Accord
10/31/2018 10:45 AMPosted by Zunde
Probably my eye of divinity and eye of shadow.

You might wanna pop those suckers back in.
I have all the mats back when rogues had to craft their own poisons. Like deathweed and all that.
I used to have the Thistle Tea recipe in my bank, I think I went back and learned it, though.
Ebon mask.
From back when pets were still an item in your bag, I have the netherwhelp on my warlock as well as the scythe from the old warlock quest that was removed in Cata I think.

And tons of other junk, I tend to hoard.
This made me curious, so I logged some of my toons from 2005.
I have a faded photograph of a pair of Gnomes
6 slot light leather quiver
6 slot ammo pouch
Crafted light shot
Copy of The Horde's Hellscream
Festive suit from the first fire festival
Ol' Crafty (Orgrimar prize fish)
Book called Lament of The Highborne
6 tattered Darkmoon Fair prize tickets
Craftsman's writ: Stonescale oil
Quest item: Nesingwary Lackey's ear
Dartol's rod of transformation
Simple grindstone (old jewelcrafting requirement)
Quest Starter item: Flame of the Undercity
On my very first character, abandoned now but still there, I still have Refined Deeprock Salt and the Salt Shaker. It used to have, what, a 24-hour cooldown and you could only make one Refined at a time? Ah, Vanilla...
this character still has his noth's special brews from when i first rolled him at wrath's launch (oof, 10 years ago nearly), and his argent dawn commission.

probably one of my biggest regrets is vendoring the scourge invasion judgement recolor on my paladin, because i was not yet a roleplayer in BC and didn't care to save the appearance. he does still have his level 60 onyxia blood talisman, an incomplete arena master quest item, haunted memento, and a letter from someone who quit the game in 2007.

my rogue, my oldest toon, has an original evergreen pouch, some primal hakkari tokens (lol), a cleansed timberling heart from 2006, s1 daggers, and like 200 halaa battle tokens.

i used to have a lot of vanilla and BC-era things spread across my characters but i ended up giving them to someone who had a "museum" guild where the gbank was just a collection of old items.

that player unfortunately vanished in a bout of drama typical of mythic raiding, leaving me without them. old mats and greyed-out reagents, old ZG fish, other nifty things. RIP.
In no particular order...

--Signet of Expertise
--Glimmering Mithril Insignia
--Spectral Essence
--Brazier of Invocation
--Brazier of Invocation: User's Manual
--Banner of Provocation
--Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer
--Zandalarian Hero Badge
--Master Dragonslayer's Medallion
--Bloodkelp Elixir of Dodging
--Full Heroism Set
--Full Conqueror's Set
--Partial Dreadnaut Set (Never finished Naxx40, refuse to buy remaining still-obtainable piece from the BMAH because I didn't earn it.)
--Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Seraph
I've got the usual pre-cata stuff. My first warlock still has his soul box and soul bag and my hunter has a quiver filled with arrows.

However my first main that made it to maximum level has some of those grey shinies you get after rescuing the gorlocs in Scholazar, which are probably the oldest things I have in my bank of true sentimental value. Poor little guys just wanted to offer shinies to the gods :'(
Probably this
My warlock has the items to summon the dreadsteed in DM. Also a few items from ZG before the revamp, like a dagger I use for rp now. My chars on WrA have stuff from Cata (when i migrated), but on my old server, some toons I long abandoned have stuff from WotLK, like my old DK who has this item that lets you harvest this special herb in ZG (I forgot the name, iirc some sorta scythe)

...good memories indeed.

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