Two New Achievements

1) Save the Inn from the fire by yourself (Halloween Event).

2) Defeat chess by yourself ( Karazhan)

Considering how easy some achievements are, these will at least require you to think a little.
#2 could be an interesting and fun achievement, and not overly hard.

The only way #1 could be a viable and fun achievement is if it could be instanced off. Otherwise it would be extremely hard to do as you would constantly have people run up and help to do it, as it's open world and designed to be done as a group. It would be completely impossible on high pop servers, and with current sharding extremely hard on low pop servers to be able to even make an attempt. Please don't make me log into the game at 3am hoping to get this, only to find someone else there trying to do it. An achievement like this would make me want to kill myself trying to get it especially given you have only 2 weeks to get it, with you'd be lucky be able to make even one attempt during that period.
I've won chess by myself - not terribly difficult - although people complain something changed at a recent patch.

Yeah, I'm hating the kill 12 trolls by yourself. Someone comes along and sees you aggroing 6 trolls and kills 1 and starts your timer and you're hosed for the day. Saving the town by yourself would be difficult.

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