How do you feel about the GCD change as a caster?

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And I mean like actually have to stop and cast caster. I want to know others opinions and takes on it mostly in a pvp situation. Has it been a positive or negative outcome for my casting brothers?
Feels absolutely awful for arcane mage.
11/01/2018 04:07 PMPosted by Adelphie
Feels absolutely awful for arcane mage.

It's a big bummer, I feel like I lose so much potential damage after popping cooldowns and waiting until I can actually start CASTING something.
Things with 15s or less buffs like arcane power and vampiric embrace... it's terrible, because you lose a huge amount of the buff just to trigger it.
I just leveled a warlock to 120 and it friggen blows, wish they fixed it. Other then that having alot of fun on it.
I've noticed this too, and it's mostly with trinkets as far as myself as en elemental. I have a lot of gripes right now after switching from Enhancement (one who gets an insta cast heal if they have the maelstrom) and switched over to ele to check it out. If you pop your trinket or cooldown and movement is required lets say on the snake boss in ToS this expansion you're running the clock on the cooldown just because you have to move ontop of the gcd and who knows how many times you need to move.

So for ele shaman our schools of elements are limited severely. I cant hex or heal if one or the other is interrupted. I feel thats kind of weird.
i hate it on my warlock
Healers count right? The GCD is awful, especially on soothing mist.
I largely didn't notice it since I've mostly played Frost so far. The only thing that felt weird was trying to hit Icy Veins right after an instant like Ice Lance. Other than that it really didn't feel different.

Then I tried Arcane for a little bit and realized that a portion of my only 10 second long Arcane Power was wasted by waiting for the GCD and that just seemed dumb.
As destruction warlock I only notice it when a couple of haste procs kick in. That's when it bugs me. That and that havoc is on the GCD too. I only have ten seconds, for crying out loud. I don't want to waste 4 of it on GCD.
You will play the game how Ion says you will play the game, there is no room for reason or discussion.
GCD I feel punished casters more than it did the melee who had macros that could buff/trinket/cast. Then again I never played a class that technically buffed themselves. Shaman only had their totems they threw down or lust. Atleast as a melee you can still attack since the GCD change its increased white damage because of it. On certain characters I see that my attack deal top 3 damage. Thats insane while certain casters dont get to attack because you've been cheap shotted, hammer of justice, oh dont forget about kidney shot.
barely feel anything
The GCD changes suck over all . Was a stupid idea just designed to squeeze every extra time played metric from you
It's terrible on every class and spec, no one asked for this change but Blizz is so damn stubborn, it'll never get reverted.
11/01/2018 04:44 PMPosted by Guyaota
The GCD changes suck over all . Was a stupid idea just designed to squeeze every extra time played metric from you

Personally I don't find that true. But I am asking how it feels for people so it is allowed for how you feel XD

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