Beast Mastery low PVP

I like BM. I want to play low 2s and BGs. I also absolutely LOVE world PVP.

Is BM still "good" enough to play with in these scenarios?

I know there are still some high rated BMs out there. I've seen them here on the forums.

sure there are. a bunch of 2600 BMs. no where near as many Surv hunters but there are a bunch of bm hunters out there with high rating
i still like bgs over arena bm is fine for bgs.
Bm is viable. Play what you enjoy
There doesn't seem to be anythin wrong with the spec I seem to have gotten further with that then surv for some reason
i like bm in pvp and love him in pve but suv is pretty fun throwing bombs in people faces is fun.
BM needs some of the cool tools Surv has in its kit. Kill command does need a buff and passive pet dmg does need a buff.

I also think BM could use a pet overhaul as far as how pets react they simply don't react sometimes or not even close to fast enough. Pets get stuck on things and it's terrible in PvP as it can be what gets us killed.

One thing they need to bring back that would help a TON would be the use of Kill Command as long as you're within range of your pet. That and a passive pet dmg buff along with faster acting pet actions would bring BM at least somewhat back on a decent level with other classes in PvP.

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