Flying: Why must we wait until 8.2?

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11/08/2018 11:58 PMPosted by Izael
Blizzard has taken away as much as possible to extend the life of the content. They believe giving us longer slower means to grind/travel/complete content makes us stay subbed longer. That's also why their level boost costs so much. If we buy it, it's a win and if we don't and level up it's also a win for sub time. Has nothing to do with player experience at all. Don't let the NPCs that support no flying tell you otherwise.

The irony of that is that type of method made me cancel my sub altogether. They didn't get my extended game play. They got no game time played at all. Had they kept flying in, I would have kept playing. That is what they don't seem to understand about any of this. People like me who just get sick and tired of doing chores in the most unfun way they could be for us, will not stick around if that ALL the game is going to be. It is not worth my money. I want to have fun too.

I played all of MoP cause it was my first expac. I saw the amazing flying mounts and was hooked. I camped for over a week for Phosphorescent Stone Drake. Even for Time-Loss Proto Drake. Got both. Collecting mounts became my end game cause I couldn't raid unless with LFG. I got half way through WoD. I spent even less time in Legion. 2 Months maybe. The story and everything was great. But too much of a grind, and not flying made it worse. What kept me around for that long was again, I went back to MoP and farmed items for the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent I wanted in Vale. I spent over 14 hours doing that grind over a couple days, old content, for that mount. And I had more fun doing that then what was current connent at the time. Why? Cause when I finished, I was reward instantly for my efforts. But 2 months and I was done with Legion. (the dumbing down of classes only made it soooo much worse too)

The reason I even have a sub again is because my friend was nice and bought we one so we could go do OLD content again. I don't even own BfA and I don't want to. I wont touch Legion either cause I still can't fly there. People grossly underestimate how important flying really is to us when it comes to enjoying this game. Take whatever you find most fun to you personally, and then be told its gone forever. See how fast you would be in an uproar. "I don't raid much. Maybe all raids should go. It's pointless content to ME. I don't think it should be in the game." See how dumb that sounds? I would also never say that because i know there are people who love and play this game just for raiding. You deserve your fun and I deserve mine.

I speak for all the people who never come here and just leave without a word cause of flying. You'd be amazed at just how many people I represent. This game is not doing great. Driving away players expac after expac and taking away what is fun, isn't how this game stays alive. The minority of hardcore players will not be able to support this game. You ALSO need the casual players too. Maybe don't poo poo on what makes the game fun for them and maybe this game gets to stick around longer. But drive more and more people away only means this game dies faster. The writing is on the wall.
11/07/2018 05:17 AMPosted by Illidonkey
ive never really understood why the people that are constantly begging for flying to be added into the expansion early are also the ones who do the least amount of content.

I have over 1000 more achievement points than you do. Does my opinion therefore matter?

The two-part, time-gated Pathfinder is unnecessarily punitive to the playerbase and only exists to increase time played which is apparently the only metric they look at these days.
11/05/2018 06:25 PMPosted by Voidarcane
I enjoy not flying until the X.2 of the patch like in Legion, I get to explore the world it seems larger, and by the time X.2 roles out when I'm leveling more alts I can just fly by the boring stuff where I have already seen everything for the 10th+ time leveling characters to 120.

Fyi I already have 8 120's....

So what is stopping you form doing that exploring and stuff without getting on a flying mount?

Why would it matter if another choose to enjoy the game while flying. What possible damage would it do to you?

You set up a false straw man and then expect people to accept that others flying somehow prevents you from doing what you please including not flying?

11/05/2018 07:12 PMPosted by Aerynà

Yeah that's how the rest of us feel now. We've done it. You are always welcome not to fly even when it is implemented. That really seems like a "you" problem.

Actually, crying about needing to fly sounds like a "you" problem.

It's a him problem if he wants everyone to stay on the ground with him though when most of us prefer flying.

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