What determines how many boxes you get?

Just something I've been wondering about...

I've lost BGs and got two, won and got one and vice-versa. Is it about performance? Is it random? I've never noticed what exactly causes it.
I would assume it's based on performance, but I've never taken the time look for a pattern.
What makes the boxes give us fish?
The worst is when it gives leather, useless leather..

Anyway, I would guess the number of boxes is entirely random.
11/05/2018 11:38 PMPosted by Afks
What makes the boxes give us fish?
lol ok so im not the only one
Good job, here is a box of fish!

Ugh, I get that it’s a sea inspired theme but this is a little ‘Crappie’.

Ba Dum Dum.....Tissss

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