1 or 2 new classes will bring back millions

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Or, since every class already has 2-4 specs which play differently, maybe they could just fix the ones we have.

No one's coming back to try a bard while the classes we already have are so mutilated.
Too bad class design is complete booty in this game.
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11/07/2018 02:45 PMPosted by Tiridan
We literally just got Demon Hunters.

Wow is behind in terms of pumping out new classes. A lot of online games bring out new classes with new expansions. Take FFXI or FFXIV for instance. They come out with 2-4 class/jobs for every expansion. If you want to use the argument that its a different company and you can't compare (I totally can) then take Overwatch which is from the same company. They have new heroes coming out left and right.

So... we should compare woW with Dota too? And have 100+ classes?
11/07/2018 02:10 PMPosted by Purma
i mean you guy get excited about what new race you can be i want new classes a new caster (like lets be real its time) or another type like a support class idk but i do no new classes would bring back millions (thoughts?)

PLz no, they prefer to steal lock skills and make new classes.
God no, they can't even balance the classes they have, if anything they need to retire some.
What if they did like a multiclass, like a major and minor you could spec into with the added bonuses of Blizzard adding a few classes to spice things up like bard, necromancer, tinker, dark ranger, etc. to make your choices more flavored. Of course they would have to set up some limits as to what you couldn’t combine into such as DK/Pally class.

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