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It's a stormy autumn evening and you are enjoying some gaming alone. All of the sudden your house gets hits by lightning and things go black.

The lights flicker back on, along with your gaming session, but you realize that you are no longer alone. A ghostly apparition stands next to you that looks and sounds an awful lot like Christopher Walken.

"Whoa," he says. "Where am I?"

"My house," you reply, while glancing back over to your computer. It's been a really long day at work, and as cool as it is to have a Christopher Walken ghost in your living room, you really want to hit level 120 tonight.

"Ah..Diablo," Christopher Walken says, while leaning over your shoulder. "Huh?, this is World of Warcraft." you say, correcting him.

"My mistake. It looks like you are having fun."

"I am" you reply. "Tonight is going to be the night that I get level 120!"

After several more minutes you achieved your goal! "I did it! I reached the maximum level!"

You look down to your action bar and then to your abilities tab to see that nothing has changed. You just spent 10 grueling levels to achieve absolutely nothing. No new powers, passives, or cosmetics.

Your face goes grim and Christopher Walken taps your shoulder.

"Look, I like you. You seem like a good person. I think I was sent here to help you out. I will grant you one epic new ability for level 120. What will it be?"
My Demonology Metamorphosis form and all it's powers back.
While I am uncertain as to who Christopher Watkins is, I find this post to be amazing and thus shall add a reply.

Holy Reins - Mount your Argent Charger for 6 sec, increasing movement speed by 30% and dealing 180% of AP as Holy damage to enemies that you run over.

Or something along those lines.
My ultimate power would be to have every other classes power, doesn't matter if it doesn't make any sens, give me your powers!!!
Something I call:

For the next 10 seconds, you will automatically vanish every 2 seconds enabling any ability that requires stealth for the duration.


Shadow clones:
You summon shadow clones of yourself and surround the target. Each clone will slowly begin to close in on the target. Each clone gets a different 5/6 combo point finisher when they reach the target. Clones can be targeted and attacked. They each have 10% of your max health.
I miss Holy Prism. I liked the flexibility of using it as a single target heal or an aoe heal. It felt very flavorful for Prot Paladins, since we've lost a lot of our off-healing.
Muradin's Blessing - Gives your warrior 12 pack abs and a jaw line that was chiseled from the gods themselves.
A google search says Christopher Watkins is a horticulturist.

Burst of speed.
Or Walken rather...
Can I just have a one shot button?
How about a totem that unleashes a swarm of random, tiny elementals? Like Army of the Dead, but for shamans.

It could be called "The Totem of Kalimos," and when you plonk it down, small elementals of all kind show up, and do different things.

Fire elementals would be straight up damage, whereas storm/water elementals would rush allies and explode with healing, and earth elementals would pull threat towards the totem, serving as an Ox statue
Reverse the 2006 April Fool's Day patch notes that came true (both for WoW and Diablo- making it into a mobile game) for the GCD being applied to all spells and abilities.
For hunters to have the ability to tame most mechanical creatures.
The Paladin equivalent to Gladiator Stance.
I just want to be able to use Death from Above in PvE again.

By far my most fun ability.
Is blood dps a power?
11/08/2018 08:38 AMPosted by Taladorei
Is blood dps a power?

Of Course!
My needs are simple. Just double my armor.
Soulshatter - Shadowfury now dispels one beneficial magic effect on targets in selected area. If an effect is dispelled;
Adds 4 seconds to DoTs to target for Affliction.
Summons a vilefiend for Demo.
Generates 3 full shards over 9 seconds for Destro.

Kind of plain but it'd be good for M+ I guess

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