Berserking Nerfed!? What!?

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11/11/2018 03:01 PMPosted by Empowerments
11/11/2018 03:26 AMPosted by Zoopain
the alliance is so petty is kind of hilarious. Since they don't have that many good PvE racial, noone else can have any. Rather than asking blizzard for good PvE racials of your own, you demand good PvE racials while simultaneously demanding that horde racials get nerfed to the ground. Every single person who wants to act like a childish petty loser, just know, that is exactly what you are, and you should feel awful about yourself.

I'd gladly give up Berserking for NE racials. Trolls literally just have TWO good racials; Berserking and to a lesser degree Regeneration. NE's get passive Crit/Haste, Quickness for dodge/speed, Nature Resistance (which does see a little usefulness), and most of all SHADOWMELD, the single most OP active racial in the game. Stack on top of this that they get Wisp Form (fine whatever it's not great, but at least it's not a useless 20% XP buff when fighting beasts, which has ZERO use at max level) and NEs have far superior racials.

If NEs were available for the Horde I would gladly be one but since Blizzard wants racials to be so vastly out of whack with one another I have to settle for the ones I have; which are now being NERFED.

A troll is griping about NE racials? A true troll indeed.
Because a cd you can stack with more cd's and pots and hero etc. etc. is totally the same as my 2 minute speed boost xd
11/10/2018 02:22 PMPosted by Empowerments
Yes we get this in a burst but that's why it calculates to LESS passive haste

you know.....there ARE fights where u need burst right?
if a fight doesnt last long the burst haste gets mroe benefit from the passive haste.
Agree with the op. Silly to nerf this without buffing something else.
11/13/2018 04:50 PMPosted by Archona
Agree with the op. Silly to nerf this without buffing something else.

That's what many people are missing; I'm not asking for it to not be nerfed. I'm asking that if it's going to be nerfed at least buff something else to compensate (preferably regeneration).

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