Game services during Blackfriday.

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Do in-game services get a discount during Blackfriday? Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this.
Game service sales are pretty rare. There's usually a sale on new subscriptions though.
They won't because they know WoW addicts will pay the full price. They have you in already. They don't need to put in effort to maintain you.
Service sales are generally about once a year, the last one was in June. They'll have sales on games for Black Friday.
something will be on sale
Thanks for the answers, I got some spare money and I was thinking if I should buy a game on steam or a race change in WoW.
Was it already a year ago we had all the complains about how "Blizz's Black Friday sales stink"? And the one before?

It will be interesting if they do offer one this year. If they do, the Doomsayers will cry out how desperate Blizz is. Could they be right?

As we say round here- hard tellin, not knowin*.

: )

edit: *in my best/worst Maine accent
Why would they offer a sale when there are people buying these services left and right at full price?
Black Friday will probably put a sale on the expansion. As for game service sales, they seem to me to be kinda random.
"Black Friday"?

Why would we want to celebrate that terrible song by that terrible singer?

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