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Hello to everyone reading this. I want to start by saying that after my guild/community I was a part of for the last 3 years fell to ruin, I ended up taking a 5 week break from the game. Between the tier by tier degradation, along with several decisions made by leadership going into and during BFA, I had left the guild during Zek progression along with 10 or so others. Seems most of them have gone their own ways. I am further behind than I would like to be with the goals I have in mind, however, I am determined to be 100% ready for hardcore Tides of Vengeance progression when the time comes.

That being said, I am coming back looking for something competitive. Former Blood DK (Gonjuhh) and Prot Warrior (Gonnjuhh) are where you may find most of my kills listed. As of now I am a Brewmaster tank for BFA, with 3 alt tanks as backup. I am also experienced playing melee dps as a main spec (Unholy DK/Arms Warr) so I can swap if need be.

List of Accolades
1. US 86th Aggramar (Tank) Blood DK
2. US 69th Mistress Sazzine (Tank) Blood DK
3. US 47th Fallen Avatar (Tank) Blood DK
4. US 49th Mythic Kil'jaeden (Tank) Blood DK
5. US 60th Mythic Helya (Tank) Prot Warrior
6. US 49th Mythic Cenarius (Tank) Prot Warrior
7. US 25th Gruul (Swing Tank) Blood DK
8. US 15th Kromog (Off Tank) Blood DK
9. US 10th Operator Thogar (DPS/Mass Grip) Unholy DK
10. US 72nd 10 Man Mythic Garrosh (Main Tank) Blood DK

Story about being in Avid for 3 years (4 Paragraphs - Skip if TLDR)

The guild I was in for 9/10 of these kills was Avid (Illidan). I had joined during progression for Highmaul and have been a Veteran ranking member for about 3 years. At the time they were full on tanks, so I came in as an Unholy DK. After I passed my trial, I got a few chances to tank and get a real feeling for the role during high end progression. However, there was a falling out during Blast Furnace. Several members had severe burnout. We were raiding a bare minimum 35 hours a week, some of the time stretching much longer if we were pushing for a kill. Guildies couldn't make the hours anymore, others couldn't deal with the stress and quit. Then after 1 really bad night on Blast Furnace, after 580 pulls the guild imploded. We lost a lot of good members, and it really was never the same again.

I had received a phone call from the old raid leader during their Mythic Xhul/Tyrant progression. I was asked to log on my DK to come back and tank. In 2-3 nights I had geared up and learned 10/13M HFC, then helped them finish out the tier in the following weeks. We were now raiding 16 hours a week with a far lower than average caliber of players. Always a few people costing us a week or 2 of progression on some given boss. We had lost nearly 20 ranks on Argus during Antorus due to bad chain breaks, cone deaths, below par healing, and a pretty nasty roster turnover.

Going into BFA we had mass recruited 30 or so people in a "Trial by Fire" effort to stabilize the guilds roster. During that time we had gained a group of friends (applicants) who came into the guild and ran our standards further into the dirt. Refusing to use proper consumables for Mythic Uldir. Refusing to swap azurite traits to minmax for a specific role when asked to do so. Toxic, vile attitudes that brought the moral of the raid down as a result. The removal of one person meant the removal of several others, and they chose to sit and ignore it. More than a few people grew overly frustrated with the direction the guild was headed, and after seeing the writing on the wall, I decided to leave.

After being a part of the community for so long I didn't want to start looking for another guild right away. After dedicating so much time to them, I felt it was time to walk away from the game for a while. I wanted to decongest, and somewhat analyze my stay with Avid.

Why post all of this? Because usually the 1st question I get asked whenever joining another guild is "Why did you leave your last guild?" I want there to be no misunderstandings with my departure. I want to find a new guild to call home for the long run, and I want to be the one of the most dependable people on that team.

Availability - Very flexible
Raid Time preferences - Any/All Day/Night. Flexible
What am I looking for? - A guild with a solid foundation. A highly competitive but nontoxic environment. And to play with other likeminded individuals who share the same passions for WoW, competitive team play, and video games in general.

Angry#1480 - Battletag
Gonjuhh#4393 - Discord
This isnt just spam, i read through your post, and am interested in speaking with you. If you can make the schedule hmu on btag/discord!

<Salt Factory> 8/8H 6/8M


<Salt Factory> is a later evening guild located on Tichondrius - US, formerly known as Insomnia of Sargeras. Over the years, we've built a community of people who genuinely like playing together. We wanted to once again come together and create something for BFA. We believe in the mantra "raid smarter, not harder" and established a guild built upon that belief. While there are many of us that have raided at the higher echelons of the US raiding scene, we believe that rank means nothing without genuinely caring where you raid and who you surround yourself with. We place importance on the morale and atmosphere of the raid, and have endeavored to provide an environment that can be thoroughly enjoyed to its fullest while staying competitive.
While our raiding times or community may not be ideal for all, we're a guild with personality, that prides ourselves on our unique, and down-to-earth atmosphere. With each passing tier we strive to not only improve as individuals, but together as a team. Because we believe that teamwork is the most crucial building block of any successful guild.


What you can expect from us :

> Guild leadership focused on not only progression but the overall health of the guild
> Reliable and skilled players who share a common goal
> A social atmosphere not commonly found in progression guilds

What we expect from you :

> Reliability
> Ability to communicate clearly & efficiently
> Ability to adapt quickly
> Consistency & punctuality [showing up every night, and on time is a MUST].
> Genuine commitment
> Experience and the knowledge to play your class to its fullest!

3day/3hr a week
Tues - Thursday, 8 PM-11 PM PST (11 PM - 2 AM EST] / [10 PM -1 AM CST]

PROGRESSION (current & during content) :

T20 - 8/9M before calling it for the expac. best kill US#97
T19 - US#96
T18 - US#165
T17 - US#119
T16 - US#136
T15 - US#94


Contact any of the officers for questions or concerns!

Officer Contact info :

GM : Bnet - Kisshot#1230 / Discord - Kiss#7258
Recruitment Officer : Bnet - Tida#1933 / Discord - Tida#5705

Guild Name: <murlocs>
Server: Mal'ganis Horde

I'll keep it simple. We're a awesome guild with people who meet up monthly and raid weekly. Our raider experiences range from Top World Raiders (Previous US Top 50 players), to first time raiders (and faster learners).

We like to focus on community, over progression, but still maintain a "serious casual" relationship in game. We will be casually pushing mythic content in BFA.

Current Progression: 8/8H 2/8M

Update: 10/23

*We're currently pushing for mythic only progression. We no longer need Heroic

* 1-Click Apply button *

Raid Times:
- Tuesday: 8:15-11:15pm EST
- Wednesday 8:15-11:15pm EST
- With weekend alt runs

If you're interested, feel free to apply above, or add me on

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!
[US][H][Thunderhorn] 3/8M <Optimal Baddies>
We are Optimal Baddies, a recently formed semi-hardcore raiding guild with roots dating back to classic that is aiming to be cutting edge in BfA and all future expansions
Progression raid days
Tuesday & Wednesday 9PM-11:30PM EST

Optional raid days
Friday & Saturday 9PM-11:30PM EST

We ask that you maintain a 90% attendance if at all possible, we understand that real life happens but are also looking to progress rapidly.
Look at for an in-depth view of raider requirements and expectations

For loot distribution we use RCLootcouncil and take into account gear-value, performance, and attendance.

We are looking for damage and healers of all classes to trial for our mythic roster. All trials are expected to be ready to raid for an upcoming raid night.

Please message myself (Goldfish#1198) or (Abbadon#11928) on or hop in discord at if interested.
Hi Angrydeadman! My name is Carla. I believe you would be a great addition to our raid/guild. We are currently looking for a DPS/Offtank to fill in our raid roster for BFA. I am not just looking for an individual who can fulfill a role, but also someone who fits our guild culture.

In BFA, we are looking to fully clear Heroic and progress through Mythic content, with our end goal being Cutting Edge. We understand that life can get hectic but do expect 85%+ raid attendance. Our raid environment is about having fun & enjoying each other's company (being serious when needed) while progressing together as a team. We enjoy PVP & pushing keys in M+ too.

Our Raid Schedule: Days (2): Tues & Thurs 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST

Uldir Progression: 8/8H, 2/8M

About Us
Jaded Retribution is a semi casual/hardcore progression raiding guild on Mug'thol (PVP/PST) currently rebuilding our roster for BFA. Although we took a hiatus, Jaded Retribution is one of the longest running guilds on Mug'thol. The majority of us have been actively raiding together since Cataclysm, while some of us have been playing together much longer than that. Our goal is to enjoy raiding while clearing current content. We are a fun, friendly, mature and drama free. We play other games outside of WOW such as PubG, DOTA2, COD, Destiny 2 and others.

Recruitment Expectations & Member Conduct
- Be knowledgeable about your class as well as the boss encounters.
- Be self-sufficient and come to raids prepared with all consumables they will need for any given raid, including your gear being fully repaired.
- Have gear that is gemmed and enchanted optimally.
- 85%+ raid attendance and promptness.
- Be willing to sit if asked to do so.
- Have a microphone and be able to use Discord during raids.
- Have a stable Internet connection.
- Want to have fun.

Interested in Applying
Contacts on battletag: Layliah (Recruitment Officer) @ Layliah#1369, Vapid (GM) @ Vaapad#1119 or Battle (DPS Officer) @ Battlesung#1209

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I look forward to speaking with you!

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