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I would like to see something implemented that made rep gear attainable account wide. This would be mainly to help with gearing alts. Why do i say this? Because most like myself even though only casual, when we hit exalted with a reputation are not concerned with the gear that they have any longer due to out gearing it.

What would be nice is possibly the vendor selling a token that once an alt reached either friendly/honored, could then use to purchase the gear they wanted w/o having to be exalted with that faction.
Yeah I don't know who was ever daft enough to think that you'd hit Exalted on these factions without having already outgeared their vendor items. That's always been the case. And they aren't unique, or even good looking, xmog items.

Insult on top of injury, as has always been the case for these, you can't even Scrap or DE them. Because boy oh boy, I want to spend 1-2k gold on 1 blue/purple to DE! When I can get them for free... yep, those vendor items will break the crafting material market. >_<

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