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I was on my 109 shaman in an instance, we finished the EoA, requeued and got NL. Everyone lagged out.
Realms they were on:
- not sure
and Barthilas.

Group had to disband. Now getting 51000319 error and can't connect to characters
ok able to log in again

We have a tracking thread for this issue located Here. We have taken steps on our end to open additional peering to help most players but are still awaiting some ISP's to implement fixes on their end as well to fully resolve this issue. Till then you may see it off and on or off peak hours.

Thank you.
Hi Zurvykee,

On that link I am on page two. This was a separate issue. That effected the instance server that we all were placed into going from one instance (EoA) to another (Nelfs). The lead was on a US realm/ the instance itself was on a US realm. All players were effected. Those realms were stated above.

Leaving the instance / deserting it as the instance itself was not functioning. IE I and others were flying through the air after landing from the waterfall at the start. Attacks were 30seconds plus behind. When I left said corrupted instance (like the others did) it could not correctly put me back on the Oceanic server in Dalaran so it disconnected.

The porting / routing issue described and experience previously in that particular thread was not the issue I had tonight.

I did tracerts and winMTRs at the time to all three (US West) (US Central)

At the time the issue occurred however all paths were returning results that I would have expected.

It took around 15 minutes from the initial failed leaving the instance resulting in the disconnection to no longer getting wow 51000319 coming up when trying to reenter the character.

Can you show us the WinMTRs you ran while the disconnects occurred? Thanks. More information the better!

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