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Can we please change the Holy Paladin Mastery? I see this as the #1 complaint by Holy Paladins and I couldn't agree more. I understand the idea behind it but it feels punishing instead of rewarding and in many fights is almost impossible to utilise effectively.
Holy Paladins have many problems currently, but our Mastery is at the top of those problems and desperately needs to change.

It was bad in Legion and should never have made it out of Beta, but it's even worse in Battle for Azeroth.

I see a new thread created nearly twice week from different players asking for our Mastery to change, it's an issue Blizzard has never responded to.

Our Mastery is so bad we are forced into a talent just to help counter it's negatives, no other spec in the game has to deal with such garbage.
The Holy Paladin mastery is in dire need of change. There has been a significant quantity of posts from Holy Paladins begging for the mastery to be changed and many people have offered amazing suggestions for how it could be done. Quite frankly, the Holy Paladin as a WHOLE needs a complete overhaul in my opinion. The gameplay is incredibly mundane. More so than any of the other classes I've played, I feel like the Holy Paladin has been stripped of so many class defining abilities that made the gameplay interesting and engaging. An overhaul is not likely to happen in the near future, but the mastery change would be a step in the right direction for now.
I truly hope Blizzard hears us out.

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