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To create your master class! Give an example of your master class in combat.

I would combine a Fury Warrior and a Sub rogue.

-I'd stun my enemy using my rogue abilities, then I would use my fury abilities to demolish my enemy while they can't move.
Holy Priest and Arms warrior.

I call it the Retribution Paladin.

He hits people with a big stick AND heals people.
Warrior and Hunter. Literally every single piece of loot that drops is for you.
Priest + Hunter.

Boom, Priestess of the moon.
Hunter and warlock....shadow hunter?
Hunter + Sub Rogue.
Would be amazing.
warlock + DK

warlock in plate armor (since blizz refuses to fix our issue of being trained w/o any way to endure it) who uses fel magic, curses, demon pet, and frost magic.
Holy priest and hunter. The more I heal my pet, the more damage he does.
Paladin and fat dude.

Fat pally.
Demon Hunter and Hunter

To create a...Demon Hunter Hunter!

Basically a Hunter hunting Demon hunters.

Oh wait...
11/12/2018 12:15 PMPosted by Lockedheart
warlock + DK

warlock in plate armor (since blizz refuses to fix our issue of being trained w/o any way to endure it) who uses fel magic, curses, demon pet, and frost magic.

Man are we opposites :)

warlock + DK
Unholy DK wearing cloth, summoning skeletons, slows, debuff, curses Dots.

Basic Necromancer...
Warrior-monk. A monk who actually uses his weapons.
Mage and Warrior

Mage Knight

Throws arcane weapons, fire empowered attacks, Ice shields, blink basically demon hunter but just reskinned.
Pally + DK

= Conflicted.
11/12/2018 12:23 PMPosted by Margirita
Pally + DK

= Conflicted.

Yeah I hear you. You put diseases on your target but immediately feel bad about it and cleanse them.
Death Knight + Frost Mage or Warlock = Necromancer, like Kel'Thuzad's early life

Cloth armor, undead skeletal minions, locusts, ranged abilities and slows. Could be trained under the newer lich Bolvar and be a revamp of the DK starting zone, allowing for allied races as well. They are a ranged cloth class, and their armor would look like a cloth version of DK sets, with chains, skulls, ripped rags and ice spikes and stuff.

Another idea:

Paladin + Warrior or Survival Hunter = Dragon Knight or Dragonsworn or whatever.

The Dragonflights are dying out and they look to mortals to help defend their kin as well as Azeroth since they can't do it effectively anymore. They bless mortals who swear themselves to the flights, allowing for a new class.

Take all of the dragon-themed warrior abilities and make a new class out them. Dragon's breath, dragon's roar, dragon stomp, temporary dragon metamorph, MAIL ARMOR, and shields with 1h sword or other weapon, ability to call down drakes and whelplings to assist with damage and healing in combat.

Of course their sets will be dragon-themed, perhaps made to look after each dragonflight leader. A Deathwing set, a Malygos set, Alexstrazsa, Ysera, etc.
And the Mythic set will be a Nether Drake set, because they are awesome.
Warlock & Sin rogue

= Death by dots in seconds and you won't even see what hit you.
Hunter + Druid = Pack leader fighting right along side my pets as a pack
disc priest and outlaw rogue

all the cc, all the defensives, all the healing, all the massacre
Paladin and warlock.

Okay so I don’t have a practical reason, but my pally has always played alongside my wife’s warlock and I like the idea of the toons having a kid who is a weirdo who tries to have it both ways...

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