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Assassin rogue + Feral druid = Werecreature with bleeds and poisons for days.
Holy Priest + Marksman Hunter.

I just want a bow.
Marks hunter + Rogue, essentially a sniper assassin.
Hmmm this will be the hook for the next expac. Learn a 2nd class spec for new and interesting endless combinations that will drive your raid leaders nuts!!
Guardian Druid + Vengeance Demon Hunter

A double-jumping Bear with the most OP mitigation combo ever.
DH and Warlock, summon your own target dummies.
A rogue and a mage to create a blinky rogue that can tank by evasion
Guardian drood + frost dk = polar bear

Would make a great place to have a freeze and smash/shatter mechanic...
Subtlety Rogue + Discipline Priest (For Damage)
Atonement with the shield into burst, Power Word: Solace replenishes energy, Shadow Word: Pain for dots and extra combo points (way better than Shuriken Toss). Burst creates a steady stream of health that makes the combination indestructible.

Guardian Druid + Protection Warrior (For Tanking)
Thrash, Swipe, Thunder Stomp. Ignore Pain's better than Ironfur, too. If it drops, Frenzied Regen tops back up.

Mistweaver Monk + Enhancement Shaman (For Healing)
Maelstrom gives free quick cast heals for doing damage. Fall back on Soothing Mist + Enveloping Mist for heavy Single Target healing and Renew + Vivify for group damage. Purge, Dispel, and Revival give it a good combo for handling debuffs too.
Fury Warrior and Arms Warrior
Dual wield + extra sword between teeth

Tri wield

not so glass cannon now are we! and bubbles!
Warlock+DH=pre Legion Warlock
Mage+Warrior= Arcane Warrior

Insane strength and having the ability to polymorph enemies would be cool.
Bloodfliction Deathlock

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