So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

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Change is inherent to progress. I get that. But I feel as if the community (toxic or otherwise) will be what is sacrificed in the name of a newer and arguably better better forum.
Anyway, it's been frustrating and fun. I hope that the moderation does not go nuts and take away the zany fun that is GD.
Eh, people acted the same way when the old forums changed over. I just want custom armory poses back.
I visited Overwatch's forums a few minutes ago and since ours are going to be a version of theirs right now there threads that are serious about game play, some that are honoring Stan Lee, and one that got locked for breaking Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines. But sadly no "You Wake Up..." Threads.

Yeah, change is coming put we should be fine and still have our zany fun times on the good ol' GD.

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