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[quote]I think Sylvanas meant that the Night Elves are no longer immortal, and all things in the world will burn and die over time.
The only Immortal Elves (Night or High) were born before the destruction of the Wells destruction, all born after that are mortal.

Sylvanas does not seem to think it is purely this assault that will burn the tree. Even without the War of Thorns and without the Horde, she feels some enemy of the Night Elves would have burned it eventually.

Sorry, she went there to burn the city to the ground. In order to control Kalimdor for the Horde she needed to destroy the Night Elves (the biggest dog there)..
Jaina even suggests such a thing a few expacs ago.

Sylvanas states the Night Elves knew deep down, but couldn't admit it.

I am inclined to agree, if Jaina and Sylvanas have thought about it.

The Night Elves stopped building massive metropolises, as a culture, for thousands of years.

The High Elves build those not the Night Elves.
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Past that, corruption didn't factor into Sylvanas's motivations, it was about asset control and war. There was no indication that the tree would burn or needed to burn until Sylvanas herself burnt it. It was a spontaneous decision, no Night Elves knew that this would happen.
Some signs might indicate that Sylvanas was intending to burn it all along, given the line that sparked this thread in the first place, but yeah, it was unambiguously spontaneous from the Night Elves' perspective. It's just Sylvanas projecting her Cerseian outlook on things to everyone, like how she cynically misjudged the Gathering every way to Sunday.

Yeah I remember there being small hints dropped in A Good War where Saurfang thought something along the lines of ..."not for the first time he wondered if Sylvanas was telling him everything..." or some such.

ANd yeah the Gathering was like a slow-motion train wreck driven by a drunk goblin you just knew it was going to end in steaming dumpster fire a mile away ... =\
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Supposedly the Night Elves knew that Teldrassil was going to burn, just like Sylvanas did.

Are there any theories as to why? or is Sylvanas just projecting and assuming that the night elves think she will torch the place?

Is there any known reason why the tree would actually need to be burned?

Just looking for clarification, not a sylvanas justification theory.

I don't understand what you're saying. There's no indication that Nelfs knew that she was going to burn the tree. I mean watch the cinematic she decided it on the spot

Maybe I should have posted an excerpt, but I'm talking about a line from A Good War, where either narration or Sylvanas' internal monolog says "maybe they knew-just as she knew, that darnassus would one day burn". They foreshadowed (either intentionally, or unintentionally) the burning before the cinematic.

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