Survival Talent, Bloodseeker, bugged?

I've already submitted a ticket through Blizzard, though I personally feel like they're a bit taxed with the lag issues in Uldir to notice, but I felt I would reach out and see if this issue has been noticed by others.

As you probably know, the Survival Hunter talent, Bloodseeker applies a debuff to the target you use Kill Command on. When the debuff is active, you gain 10% haste as long as you're within 12 yards.

On this brief MOTHER encounter, I used Kill Command 58 times, and have had the debuff on a debuff tracker and have noticed it on targets however the 10% haste buff has gone unnoticed in-game, and as well as the logs.

If anyone else is or is not having the issue, feel free to chime in, just curious as to why this would be the case.
I'll have to look but it's it a 10% attack speed buff and not haste?
11/13/2018 06:16 PMPosted by Gunshy
I'll have to look but it's it a 10% attack speed buff and not haste?

you're right, my bad. just jumbled them together. but even then by the logs I don't appear to be having the buff, and I sure haven't had it this night of raiding.

I checked a mythic log from another survival hunter that was dated today and it appeared they had the buff on their MOTHER encounter, so I'm unsure of what the deal is.
It's not 10% Haste, that'd be straight up broken, basically perma lust if there's 4 bleeding targets.

It's an attack speed increase, which probably will be much harder to quantify in logs.

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