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Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes
Can we have this back please. I would love to LOVE my characters again, I rather like them, but I would rather LOVE playing them again like I did in any expansion before WoD ruined everything regarding class designs.

Sorry to the Devs who worked hard at pruning all my abilities, but I want them back; thanks.

There is a reason for why I am promoting MoP Class designs; because it was the last time this game's classes felt decent. I would preference earlier expansions but MoP is a very decent compromise because it's what modern players know and are use too regarding the talent grid and all that game UI stuff.
I even miss the hybridization of the zones where they're both PVE and PVP by nature of what's there rather than so called "War-Mode"

The problem I have with war-mode is that it takes all the risk vs reward out of a PVP server.

War-mode and the way its "toggled" is actually a good way of handling the age old PVE server issue where players could flag at an opportune moment and then lame it out after a kill.. So in that way War-mode is a far better way to handle PVE servers for players who want to PVP..

Now please do not confuse this with sharding, I am specifically talking about how you flag for PVP, not the keeping the PVP'rs in a segregated set of shards.

Speaking of shards.................. this is cancer; delete this feature please. I can't think of any one that actually likes it except for possibly solo-players.....

Perhaps its time for some different types of Servers Blizzard??

Get some "Legacy" style servers going where there is no sharding, and where if you're on a PVP server then its a PVP server..

If you're on a PVE server, the way you flag is handled like war-mode while in town.

Then you can have "solo-player" style servers with all that sharding / cross server nonsense that harms the community that they do not care about.
Ever since wod we have been losing abilities with new content instead of gaining them... Its horrible, lazy design and their dev team is so incompetent its pathetic.

When a new expansion launches you should be excited about new spells and gameplay for your class... not dreading what you will eventually lose while your gameplay slows down and you gain literally nothing when you "level up".

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