Lag in WoW only

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As I sit here streaming my raid and streaming music, I lag. This lag only happens when playing wow. 31 ms home, 250 ms world. Except it's not 250 ms. Lag spikes hit as hard as fifteen seconds...So I shut the stream down, leave discord, stop my music. That should help right? Wrong. Still the same amount of lag. Log on to Destiny. Zero lag.

This scenario leads me to believe it isn't on my end and it makes raiding completely impossible.

Any ideas?
It might help to post the results of WinMTR that has been run for a few minutes.

Blizzard owns WoW and Activision owns Destiny. Yes, Activision owns Blizzard but acts more like a silent partner that likes updates than a controlling overlord. As they are two separate companies in effect, they most likely host their games in different locations.

That said, the routes to the servers are probably different, which would explain the difference in lag. If there is a 'hop' that is having a problem, then the WinMTR will show where it is.

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