Which trinket for holy priest?

I've got four to choose from basically, currently using Tyrande's Favorite Doll which i finally got today and the Tsunami deck.

The great thing about these two trinkets is that great wave from the deck is up nearly all the time and you can go into a boss fight with 5 stacks easy from holy nova, and you can start any boss fight with the reclaim maxed at 4200. Great way to start any encounter, no?

The other trinkets I have are Mandala of Stirring Patterns and Core of Ripeness (which I do not actually own)... any thoughts on these trinkets?

Personally I love the two I'm using and will likely stick with them for now, but would love to hear some feedback.

The combination of Jar of Ancient Remedies and Darkmoon Card: Tsunami is currently BiS for holy. Tyrande's Favorite Doll comes in close behind, and I would use that until you can replace it with the Jar.
Keep in mind however that the Jar's mana regen cooldown can also be passed on to another healer as long as you're in melee range of them. The Jar is a more versatile trinket overall.

If you find yourself having mana issues use jar

Otherwise use doll. :)

Always use card imo.
Stick with Tyrande's Favorite Doll for sure.

I'd take Core of Ripeness over DMC:Tsunami simply because of the large spirit difference and the fact that I can control it, rather than waiting for a proc.
Int is primary for both priest specs, regardless of how nice the spirit may be. go with the doll/card. the jar is a nice regen trinket if you're having trouble with mana, but don't use it as your primary trinket for everyday stuff.

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