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Hello fellow mages,

A idea occured while using Simulationcraft and Rawr, When you simulate your own character the program formulates a "Action Priority List" The key term in my idea is the word "PRIORITY"

Is it possible to make a addon that can import a Actions priority list, and indicate what spells to use next ingame?

There is a Glow around the spell or Top 3 spells with the highest Priority to output the highest possible DPS.

Has a addon as such been made? And more importantly would Personal knowledge be better then any Priority list?

I find that on Simulation craft with The following settings, it indicates i should deal 19.2K DPS
Patchwerk fightstyle
3 Adds
25Man Raid

Personally i can only reach about 17-18K DPS

Would such a addon improve or is this ok when involving human error and such?

Give me your ideas please :)
And Strictly no trolling
If it is possible, Blizzard would make sure it wasn't in a matter of days after its release. They have always been pretty diligent about crushing addons that play your character for you.
Ovale is the addon you're talking about.
Slowshi, do you use said addon?
no.. I tried it but it's too much to set up at the moment and I don't have time.
Blizz may kill it soon, they've done it before, and will do it again.

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