Why Can't We Move Blizzard Frames? i.e. Bags

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I was wondering why Blizzard won't implement the feature to move our frames such as bars and bags without the aid of 3rd Party Addons?
I used to use an addon called movable bags to move my bags where I wanted and out of the way somewhat.
Since Cata that addon was broken with no fix in sight.
I know there are other addons that combine all bags into one that I could use, but I don't want a huge bag open that covers half my screen let alone the bank window open at the same time.

So what's the reasoning behind stationary bags?

As for Bars... Same question?
Why should we have to use addons to move bars to suit our playstyle?

Please, don't say "It's Blizzards game and they can do what they please" .
I would like a reasonable response, not a flamefest.
Reasonable answer, that's why they allow custom addons. So you can use what you like.
Some people like the blizzard bars/bag, and it meets their playstyle.
I like the Blizzard bags and bars, but I would like to move them around a bit to better fit my UI layout.
I know there are plenty of addons out there but I would like to keep my CPU/Memory usage at a minimum while in game.

Is there a reason why they wont allow us to move them?
Blizzard probably just doesn't feel it's necessary. As Nunya mentioned above, that's the whole reason we're allowed to use addons in the first place.

For your problem, I'd recommend Dominos. It's an excellent interface addon.
If you really wanted you could just change your bag bind to a macro and use setpoint for each bag container. Not sure it would all fit in a macro, but a few lines in an addon would simplify it.

Here's a link to a fan update of MovableBags that works. I'm currently using it.

I've tried a lot of bag addons and didn't like them. I used the default bags since release up until about 2 months ago. I found one called gBags. I'm pretty happy with it.
BaudBag allows you to separate and skin the bags so they look like Blizzard's bags and remain where you put them.

Your face got nerfed.
I play on a laptop, mostly. I normally use Carbonite, which places my bags just fine, but when I turn it off, as I've had to recently because it hasn't got all the updated maps/quests for MoP, the darn bags overlap my two right-hand hotkey bars when they're open, and I can't access all the items in my bags. That's standard Blizzard bag location, too! That's a darn good reason, in my opinion, to be able to move the bags around without an addon.
  • A) You necro'd a thread that is over a year and a half old.
  • B) Carbonite does absolutely nothing with the placement of your bags.
  • I have an add-on called Move Anything. Was in hiatus for a while but now is updated regularly. Can move any thing in the UI with it.

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