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Hello guys, I play on a Macpro 1,1 using a dual screen setup. Graphics card is a brand spanking new ATI Radeon HD 5770.

Runs great, I will freeze for a split second in Org from time to time but I don't mind..

My question is!

Can I extend the game so I am able to drag my UI over to the other monitor? It would be nice to free up chat, and all my stinking meters on my screen.

I see a lot of Windows machines with this setup, and I want in on the fun.

Nope. This is not a functionality that WoW is suppose to do. This would involve 3rd party apps/programs which might be constituted as hack programs, since it might create an unfair advantage for people who have a dual monitor set-up.
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Plenty of users are doing it without hack programs. Its a hardware function of the Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go. Should work on a Mac. No software modification required.

Running extended desktop is no more of an advantage than playing with a brand new machine that's state of the art. Are you going to tell players we all have to buy the same hardware so all users are equal? I would strongly suggest that this become a standard feature so that the game I love has holding power against the other evil MMO's who do.

Bliz you rock, but you need to learn to be faster in listening when your customers ask for features that are cool (cough, guild housing, cough). Its our $15 a month, as long as we're not being LFR trolls, let us play the way we want. 95% of your customer base just wants to have fun and is not out to break the system.

Mac users FTW!
Let's not necro threads.

This isn't something that is intended for WoW, but I will resend the feedback up to the team for review. As with any suggestions, we may not always be able to provide a response and etc, as this technically falls outside of the scope of support of the tech forum.

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