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Topic 1: Player Housing

It is my understanding that Blizzard has said from day one that there will be no player Housing.

Housing would allow for even more of a time sink which is better for Blizzard's bottom line. Those of you that are equating having housing to playing the Sims are being rather small minded. Its not about making a house 'pretty', for me its about displaying trophies. My bank is currently clogged with crap that I just cant get rid of because you just dont find them anymore. For instance, my Onyxia Scale Cloak that a player whom I was good friends with for many years and doesnt play anymore made for me. Then there is my Argent Dawn Commission, a few tier pieces that I kept because they had a sweet graphic or that I put a lot of time into getting, a bouquet of flowers given to me by another friend. It would be nice to have a place to display all of this crap and to have trophies from some of the achievements I have.

Even though there is a vast amount of space over Azeroth and Outlands, Blizzard would most likely utilize instance type servers for housing with portals to access them. I find these unattractive and unimaginative even though I understand the need for efficiency driving it. I dont think its possible that they could offer one house per account per server doing this any other way.

With all of that being said, I dont think this would ever happen. Would I have fun with it if it did, hell yeah. But I really doubt this will happen.

Topic 2: Guild Housing

Guild housing needs to happen. I recognize Blizzard's intent behind keeping the major cities from becoming a ghost town but I absolutely abhor spending any more time than absolutely necessary in Stormwind or any of the other cities. Stormwind is too crowded. There's lag, you're always competing with eleventy billion other players to do dailies and it never fails that whatever NPC I need to interact with, someone has their 4000lb drake parked on top of them. When I'm in big cities I get random tells begging for gold or asking to RP, which is obnoxious. Then of course there is all of that gold spam in general chat, or some jerk thinks its funny to link Anal [Item] 500 times, and my favorite is when successful troll is successful in bringing up politics/religion and drawing out all of the opinionated jackasses.

The simple solution would be to leave general but I never do, because I dont want to miss out on an opportunity that might come along.

The point of that long tirade is that Guild Housing would be wonderful. You can leave the Auction Houses and player banks in their cities, but having a place where I could go while waiting for an RDF queue to pop and not get inundated with crap would be a relief. This would also help create more guild unity in allowing you to have face time with your guild members. It would be nice to walk around my guild's building (whatever it may be) and see trophies of the things that we've done collectively as a group, ranging from raids to PVP to crafting successes.

I just see Guild Housing as nothing but a benefit, not a detriment.

Topic 3: Player Towns

I dont see how you could properly do this with the game mechanics as they are now. There is no need to add more towns. If you want guild NPCs to perform functions, they could do this in Guild Housing. If you wanted to own a town, where you were given a cut of the profits from vendors that players not of your guild were utilizing, how would you come to own that town? The obvious answer for PVP servers is duh... PVP. But what about PVE servers? Tribute? Quests? Buying the town leaders lots of ale and *!!@#s? And so your guild owns a town. Then what?

Topic 4: Artisan Crafting Class

I dont know what this would be.
I'm pretty sure if they came out with housing today, access would be limited.

At best, you'd need to be revered or exalted with any capital city.

At worst, you'd need to be in a Level 13+ guild with access to raid-only drops.

In between, you'd need to grind up a certain reputation by doing dailies, quest-based harvesting, or turn-ins.
I want player housing. I pay my subscription fees.

The same fees as those who don't want player housing. Perhaps, if the opinions of those who don't want player housing are more important than those of us who do, then we should should pay less each month, just as our opinion is counted for less.

If you don't want a house, don't get one. Simple. Oh, and the Sims comment, weak.

If you want more "real" females playing female characters, get player housing. I still go into towns. I still level my character. But I will eventually, again, leave WoW and go back to EQII, because I miss the housing. I would rather stay here and finally get a character level maxed.

And really, what difference does it make if I hang out in my house for hours, or run around outside, if I'm paying my subscription fee. That's my business, and more profit for Blizzard.

More people doing ANYTHING in the game = more money for Blizzard.
Have to say that I am a fan of the player housing idea, but I just don't think it'll come to WoW any time soon.

It just doesn't seem to fit with WoW. We don't want cities to become ghost-towns, so we keep the things you can do in a house limited to what, decorating?

It doesn't really contribute to the advancement of a character, maybe the customization of one. There is a whole lot of RP potential, but RP is the one facet of WoW gameplay that doesn't really have much to do with the actual mechanics and playing of the game. The game just provides a stage, and maybe some props and backstory, but the rest is up to the players.

It just seems like a whole lot of work for not so much benefit. I would love a house of my own, but I don't see it happening any time soon.
I don't duel or PVP, ever. But I would never begrudge those who do all the arenas, not to mention the resources devoted to it (ie: development, instance servers).

Again. Why does it matter what you do with your WoW time, as long as you pay for it?

Cities won't become ghost towns - just look at all the people who "say" they don't want housing. They will still contribute to city life, along with those who camp out in their own house.
02/15/2011 8:24 AMPosted by Archaelis
My thoughts on this are simple, we need a housing system much like Star Wars Galaxies used to have, a good variety of house designs and sizes, and the ability to place them freely in the world (where allowed)

No. Stop right there. The housing system in SWG was terrible, random architecture in the middle of a desert, filled with stupid bits of vanity items. Please don't bring that monstrosity to WoW.
Guild Hall portal: Yes. CoH did it. We can too (And I bet we can do it better)
Player houses: No. They serve no real purpose as we all usually end up sleeping outside when we quest.
Player towns: No. 12 million players all form villages, there would be no wilderness left in Azeroth.
Artisan class: No. Waste of a class. Artisan is a crafter, not a fighter.
"I don't want/like it therefore its a bad idea and no one else can have it" Typical.

Blizzard has said repeatedly that they just don't see the point of player housing. What are you just doing to go sit in your little house?

02/15/2011 10:10 AMPosted by Alize
It is my understanding that Blizzard has said from day one that there will be no player Housing.

Alize i like the points you make in your post and i agree with a lot of it like the crowded cities (which in real life happens in city but in real life you don't lag cause of it).

Anyways i quoted you here because its important to know that the devs of WoW have said "No, never" to many things that are now in game.
Barber shop
buying pets/mounts with real currency
faction changes
race changes
name changes
So lets not get into the habit of thinking that there are things that are impossible.

Player housing
My girlfriend got me playing that old final fantasy MMO and the first thing she showed me was this player housing thing. I thought it was really interesting even though it was just a room with a fireplace. What was cool about it is that she had items displayed there she obtained when playing the game. Oh and we were both in there at the same time which was interesting too.
someone before me in here i think Alize said something i like...oh i found it

02/15/2011 10:10 AMPosted by Alize
I dont think this would ever happen. Would I have fun with it if it did, hell yeah. But I really doubt this will happen.

I know i would have fun with it too and when i think about it, that's why anyone plays right.
Runescape did it, and their city still crowded, but the thing is you can switch to any severs you wish.
In Runescape player housing is a nice feature though, you can show off your quest achievement, your slayer trophy, combat room, pet house ect.

Since WoW is not much of a "skilling" game like RS did, I don't think there is many potential use for POH in WoW.
For Guild Housing: How many buildings are in the major cities with closed doors and nothing else? Maybe a way for a guild to buy a house, have the name and logo over the door and it get's opened up for everyone. Guild could select "Bar, Inn or Hall" and that is what they would get.

But make the cost prohibitive and the locations First come first served...100,000g for example.

Just an idea.
If you are going to have non-instanced player housing, you could have it be plot based. Then simply have the empty plots around existing towns. This way they could limit the impact of too many structures in one area by just limiting the number of plots available there. Players could purchase the plots then eventually build on them.

I imagine that the plot price would be fairly steep, with a premium the closer to a capitol you are. It should probably have gold, rep, and mat requirements that require a significant investment in time to acquire, but should probably be doable solo.

For the actual housing, you could be limited in the type of architecture by the location of the existing town the plot is adjacent to (and obviously faction limited). But you could upgrade the basic structure eventually and also have some light customizations such as colored trims, race/faction/guild banners etc.

Plots would probably go fast and you'd have a whole new economy (and money/time sink) to go along with them and the structures on them. You'd have speculators trying for the premium plots and the like to sell the deed on the AH for instance. The sale of a fully upgraded plot near a capitol gate would be a pretty big event once all the plots have been filled for awhile. I think it'd be very interesting.
The core system couldn't support towns unless an entirely new CONTINENT was added. That's how many people would try and make houses. It'd be ridiculous.

Player Housing can work.
Have a few simple "portal" locations in the main cities. Click it, and you go to the group leaders house.
I'm a personal fan of Guild Ships or Guild Airships, moreso than Guild Hosing or Player Housing.

EDIT: Particularly since it could be rolled into an actual use, IE, it replaces waiting for ships to cross continents.

The end result is a desire for more customization, beyond your character's looks, and more to set apart one person from another, less so than just "The Sims in WoW". It's the same basic principle that asks for a style option for gear or color changing one's armor.

Which stems from WoW having so few customization options in the first place. One of the things I envy about the NPCs - they get a wider variety of looks than the players do.
Topic 1: Player Housing

My thoughts on this are simple, we need a housing system much like Star Wars Galaxies used to have, a good variety of house designs and sizes, and the ability to place them freely in the world (where allowed) along with the ability to set up player towns and a town hall once the population warrants it. In addition, we'll need a crafting class that can support the housing system, ie the Artisan crafting class. *NOTE: We would want a free decoration type system, not an alloted one, what this means is that we drop and object, use a set of commands to move it, and place things where WE want it. LOTRO really borked their player housing by having cookie cutter spaces to decorate it, it isn't "personal" or fun to decorate a house that looks like everyone else's house.

And where are you going to find room to put these houses, let alone a whole town? Only way player or guild housing will work is if they are instanced.
This isn't "that type" of game.

I don't want a doll house that only I would see. I feel no need to be an in game interior decorator. I did that in SWG and while it was fun for a while, it eventually just got old.

I have a bank. I keep stuff in it. If I don't need it any more, I get rid of it.

I don't see the need for customization. It is a game mechanic that can't easily be added in after the fact and too many games lately have failed because they spent so much time on fluff garbage instead of on making the game fun and balanced.

I've played games with a lot of customization, and it didn't do anything to make the game more enjoyable. I provide all the customization I need, as I am the most important and unique part of my character.

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