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What is this irrational fear people have about the cities becoming ghost towns? People will always use the cities, because they're trade hubs. Even if some kind of player housing was implemented, you wouldn't be able to join trade chat from your house. You also wouldn't be able to access the AH from your house.

Let's keep the fear mongering to a minimum.

Agreed 100%.

There is so much misinformation and ignorance in this thread, it's outstanding.

No you would need alot of extra servers...... Take ultima Online for example... housing there was decent but even then the system was always riddled with problems... and always caused huge lag.

So because a MMO designed 15 years ago had lag issues, Blizzard can't put in a similar feature now?

Brilliant logic. Brilliant!

Myths about Player Housing and Why They Are Not True.

No, it will not clog up the world. Every MMO worth their salt uses instanced player housing of some sort. LotR:O, for example, has instanced neighborhoods where a few dozen players can call their home and one guild, but no more. There are several dozens of these neighborhoods for every race's capital city in the game. Zero space in the real world used.

No, it will not turn capital cities into ghost towns. Did Wrath of the Lich King turn Stormwind and Orgrimmar into ghost towns? Nope. Why? Because class trainers and auctioneers only existed in the old world. So long as Blizzard is intelligent, they won't put essential services (mail, auctioneers, etc.) in player housing. Player housing is not meant to be a replacement to capital cities.

"If you want player housing, just go play The Sims." Player housing in MMO has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with a game like The Sims. The primary purpose of player housing isn't even social for the vast majority of players, just like most players in this game do not enjoy participating in Roleplaying. You can roleplay or socialize with player housing, but the vast majority of players won't do so, nor will the housing be designed specifically with that in purpose. See below for more elaboration.

No, player housing will not increase lag in this game at all. If anything, it will decrease lag as the strain on the primary servers - which host an entire continent simultaneously - will go down as capital cities become a bit less clogged. Instance servers require far less resources to maintain than something like the Eastern Kingdoms server. Blizzard probably has better server infrastructure than any other MMOG out there, as well.

No, players typically do not spend hours upon hours in player housing. It might be something that they spend an hour a week inside by themselves.

No, player housing in WoW wouldn't be as crappy or flawed as player housing in other MMOGs. That is a major point. It's like saying PvE or questing in WoW is as bad as other MMOs, simply because other MMOs have PvE or questing. All of you ignoramuses opposing player housing in this thread are bringing up terrible features from other games - do you really think that the most successful MMOG creator will implement these horrible features from other games, especially when they do not do so with the rest of their game? They won't.

Player housing is also far more practical than other vanity features. Player housing will also greatly benefit players who never see or own their own house.

Yes, player housing is important to put into this game. Why? Just look at how many people collect vanity pets and mounts, and how much effort Blizzard uses to develop dozens of new pets/mounts every single patch. Vanity items are important, and player housing isn't even primarily a vanity feature.

Advantages for Player Housing

-Additional storage, especially suited to items that you rarely bring out and are suited for long-term storage. Old armor sets, old vanity items, holiday items, and those sorts of things are common suggestions that could be easily displayed in a house. A separate storage chest, which can only hold BoP items, would also be a good possibility here

-Additional source of gold for players. Whether it be through a new carpentry secondary profession, additional recipes added for every primary profession in the game, rare world drops related to player housing that are tradable, or raid boss drops usable in player housing - the opportunities for generating gold are endless. Players who never own or step foot into a player house can profit greatly by selling the housing-related items they find to those who enjoy the feature.

-Visual integration of the achievement system. Killed Sinestra? Congratulations, here's [Hide of Sinestra] which you can use as a carpet in one of your houses. Huge pet collector? You can have multiple vanity pets roaming your house simultaneously! Mount collector? Show off your favorite mounts hitched outside of your house. You're one of those people who read every single clickable book in the game? They're all on a bookshelf inside. Collected every single holiday costume? You can place all that armor on armor racks inside as well.

-Gold sink. This one is important to keep the virtual economy in check. The gold sink would primarily come in the form of bigger houses, possibly higher upkeep values, and so on. Trading between players would be promoted for player housing related items.

-Roleplaying/social space. People who want to roleplay would gain an valuable environment to do so. The social aspect would probably cut down on spam in capital cities, as there would be another area to naturally meet players in.

-Personal space. Players in WoW have absolutely no area to call their own.

-Guild Housing. Shared storage between guild members outside of the bank system. Guild event integration. An in-game message board system. Guild accomplishments, such as trophies of downed raid bosses or guild achievement integration. Many similar features from personal houses could also go in here.

-Populating other capital cities. If players had their housing based in Exodar, and gained a free Exodar portal for labelling it as their home. you might actually see people outside of Stormwind.

And most importantly: player housing would provide a huge amount of personal customization and player/community socialization that this game sorely lacks. WoW has the best PvE out there and some of the best gameplay, but it also has some of the worst community feel and greatly lacks features that aren't related to PvE progression and improving your character's stats.

Not being able to access trade, or use the AH, from your house is probably one of the reasons Blizzard isn't putting it in.

Blizzard themselves said that they would not just put in housing, just to have housing. They'd only put it in if it had a real purpose in the game.

So you essentially want to play "house" inside a game?

Honestly, don't take this the wrong way, but if your intention is to create a familiar place you can call your own, inside an action oriented online game world, which essentially shuts you off from the rest of the community, where you want to interior decorate the place to your liking, and create a "home", it's something I feel may not be healthy.

Why stop there? Why not have your own room inside the house? Where you can decorate that as well? Maybe a mini-fridge to put your food for your character, a closet to hang your tier gear, or pvp gear. Maybe a guildie in the house is being an ass, and you may need personal refuge.

I just feel some people have boundary issues when it comes to Warcraft. Not judging.

You're the one roleplaying the virtual life of a non-existent character.

Pot, meet kettle.


Except the one which hold 65% of the market.

Please list all these great MMO's worth their salt, that are so scary good, people are clamoring to play which have player housing.

Runescape actually holds a greater share of the MMO market than WoW does. The subscription market is far smaller than the f2p market in the grand scheme of things.

If I remember my facts correctly, Second Life has a larger impact on the economy than WoW does too thanks to its large virtual economy based on real-life currencies.

Besides, I was referring to the fact that no successful MMO utilized non-instanced player housing, not that a certain succesful MMO currently does not contain player housing.

I'm 100% certain that Blizzard will put player housing into the game at some point. It's very important and I think they realize this - but they probably are making sure that they implement player housing well.

Blizzard themselves said that they would not just put in housing, just to have housing. They'd only put it in if it had a real purpose in the game.

There are an endless number of practical applications of player housing. It'd certainly be a much larger impact on players than, say, archaeology or the barber shop.
04/07/2011 04:56 PMPosted by Luftballoons
You are trying to create a greater sense of life and familiarity inside a fictional game world, where you ignore what the basic premise of what the game is about, to play house.

I know you think you are being clever with your "playing house" comment, but I can't help but wonder why you think the game is and has always been about one thing and one thing only. You may not care about ancillary content outside of your own little world, but to deny it even exists detracts from your ability to make a passable argument.
Omg, If they make a guild hall, they better make all my non companion pets run around.

I have like, over a hundred of them. Seeing them all run around would be amazingly amazing.
04/07/2011 04:56 PMPosted by Luftballoons
You're the one roleplaying the virtual life of a non-existent character.

There is a pretty big gap between logging into a character and raiding, or pvping, versus logging into to create a "home" inside the same game world.

You are trying to create a greater sense of life and familiarity inside a fictional game world, where you ignore what the basic premise of what the game is about, to play house.

Because everyone has the exact same idea of what's fun right? You can sit there and natter on and on and on about how you think it's stupid or how you refuse to see a point, but this is still something people want. It's that "fluff" content that's been missing.

Personally, I WOULD rather do interior decorating than raiding or PVP. I think the lore of the game lends itself to interesting decorative items that could be hard to get and a form of progression in and of itself. That, and this might give archeology a much needed boost.
A thought occured. One way in which it can also "Kill two birds with one stone" is to make Player housing an instanced thing. The "Portal" could just be a clickable door attached to one of the decorative buildings sitting about. That's one bird, here's the other.

Instead of having all of the housing in a place like Stormwind or Orgrimmar, spread it out. There are a lot of little towns all over the place that have empty and unused buildings that could server as housing, even out as far as Northrend or Outland. This would get people back in the world since you have to be at your house to get in and out of it. Personally, I'd love to live in Duskwood or Nagrand.

Also, using an instanced method of housing would ensure that no zone would need alteration except in the most minor of ways.
Pulls thread Soaks thread in Amonium nitrate.

Uses thread for demolition and derailment of topic

this thread is now about jelly doughnuts and which jelly doughnut is your prefered filling.
I like french apple filing.

Silly, you need a kitchen to make a doughnut. You can't have a proper kitchen without a house.
I am for guild halls that are instanced, and you can earn things like profession trainers. Do all profession work there. Make the layout yourself. Decorate it yourself. Use it as a rest xp area. And have general fun things there. :)

"B excellent to each other!"
And "Party on dudes!"
04/07/2011 08:10 PMPosted by Saraliana
Silly, you need a kitchen to make a doughnut. You can't have a proper kitchen without a house

First off, the comment that player housing would empty the cities is laughable.

I understand your comment and I too agree that some cities are already empty, but the player/guild housing and whether to implement it into a game like this, the number one concerns has always been the emptying of cities. I would not consider this idea laughable by any means, but a very real concern.

I know developers from EQ2 had some regrets about making so many things available inside house and guild halls because people rarely ventured into cities to get things. This made the world seem like it was empty.

In a game world like one an MMO produces, if it seems empty, then you assume that the game either isn't doing well or you don't feel like you're a part of a community. This could have severe impact on the game as a whole. I think if this idea is ever considered, the first objective would be to determine how to implement this in a way that doesn't take away from the community.

Bad choice of words on my part and I should have left out the cynicism. I didn't mean that the emptying of cities shouldn't come into consideration, of course that is a concern. I was saying that the cities are already empty, save SW and Org. My apologies :)

And I think housing might bring people back into the other capitols. If I had a choice of where I were to purchase housing, SW would not be it. I know I don't speak for others, but I'm fairly certain I would not be the only player doing so.

I agree, EQ2 makes too much available while inside housing. Perhaps if the ability to join a queue or party was unavailable, along with banking and the auction house, while inside housing would deter people from spending too much time inside.

I know player housing is just "fluff", not something detrimental to the game itself, but it creates more immersion into the game. Saw a cool quote the other day in another forum that I saved, because it reflects my thoughts on the subject entirely.

"...lets be honest... its the fluff that makes the game "fun" to a lot of the players. Any game can have decent graphics, a lot of mobs to kill and quests to complete, but its the fluff that fills out the world and makes it interesting. That lets our toons come alive for us as WE decide how they look, move and live in "their" world."

*edited for content
After a long day of raiding, I can't think of anything I'd rather do than visit my e-house. Or maybe log off after cleaning my e-house for a daily reward.
This is 2011.
If a crap game like Runescape can do it, Wow definitely has the resources to do it.
Game overload.


This is 2011.
If a crap game like Runescape can do it, Wow definitely has the resources to do it.
1. Lag overload Servers on verge of a meltdown trying to display 15 million Houses.
2. Lag maga Overload Servers on verge of going Nuclear Explosion trying to Display 15 million Guild Houses.
3. *Boom Servers Super Nova's for trying to display Player Towns from Lag super maga overload*.
4. won't be around for Artisan Crafting Classes cause Servers blew up.

Personally, i don't really wanna see this in game. Runescape had player housing.

Now.. regarding the quoted post, there is a solution to solving the very comical issues this poster brings up. I am basing this off of how things were done with PoH in Runescape.

In runescape, anyone who plays or played it know that PoH (player owned housing) was done via a big portal in several spots around the game, which each portal having its own theme. This is like "instancing" in WoW.

If blizzard does this, it would require Instancing, but it would be a burden on the servers from the additional instancing of some 10-15 million people having their own homes. Plus....the cities would be deserted.that wouldn't be fun at all!

Still, it is possible for it to be done, but this would be something that needs to be done properly.

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