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Guild housing, probable. Player housing, no.
I can't stop thinking about the word "premium" whenever I see subjects like this now.
Guild Hall portal: Yes. CoH did it. We can too (And I bet we can do it better)
Player houses: No. They serve no real purpose as we all usually end up sleeping outside when we quest.
Player towns: No. 12 million players all form villages, there would be no wilderness left in Azeroth.
Artisan class: No. Waste of a class. Artisan is a crafter, not a fighter.

You do realize that those 12 million people are not on the same server don't you?
05/18/2011 03:00 PMPosted by Stealthdwarf
I can't stop thinking about the word "premium" whenever I see subjects like this now.

That is the very sad fact of the matter. It seems WoW wants to act like a F2P game with microtransactions even for in game features while stillcharging a subscription. My friends and I are seriously discussing if this is a game we still want to keep our money with.
Simple answer to this subject: Guild housing. No player housing. Perhaps make it 30k gold for a simple house. And BAM. Blizzard would have implemented something that only few could afford; let alone, have the time to buy and work on.
Oh! Right, I forgot about how that last post would help.
It would help because people couldn't whine about it not being there, and that they could put work into a guild bank fund, which would MAYBE promote guild unity.
I think that Blizzard should charge a new "subscription" to guilds with their own houses. Maybe an extra $20 a month, and the whole guild could contribute, you could pay more $$ (One time) to upgrade, add-on, etc, etc. This would present Blizzard with business opportunity, as well as reducing the server load from massive amounts of houses. I would pay the $20 extra.

Off topic: You know that one instance looking archway gated off in stormwind? I heard it was orginally designed as a portal to send you to an instanced off area with player housing.

I guess they removed it for the same reason they removed arena skirmishes, and the original war game idea...and thats lack of use.

It's a shame really, I'd love to be chilling in my own virtual house, drinking virtual coffee; admiring various mantles made out of the heads of many fallen foes...

Edit: Whoo, 6 pages...I started typing this when there was one, i need to type faster >.<
Summon House
10 sec cast.................24 Hrs Cooldown
Summons a customizable player owned
housing unit in the target area that lasts
for 2 hrs or until logged out for more
than 15 minutes.
This is not a sandbox game.

This will never be a sandbox game...at least not while sub numbers are so high.

There isn't enough room and quite frankly I hated the way SWG got cluttered so quickly by rampant building spread.

Player housing just isn't worth the effort it would require.
id liek an instanced guild home, one you can hearth too, and it gets attacked by npcs or other guilds.

would be sweet

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