Onyxia Targeting Bugged? (BWD, Ony/Nef fight)

Bug Report
My raid has been consistently having issues all week with this fight. For the first 20 seconds or so after the pull, usually up until the first breath from Ony, her threat table seems to be totally ignored. I can be 200k above the rest of the raid in threat, and suddenly she'll just turn and start beating on someone else, whether it be a rogue, a DK, a healer, the other tank standing nowhere near the boss, etc. Sometimes she'll even change target *mid breath* and hit the entire raid with a tick or two.

No one is pulling threat off me, we've specifically tested it with people not doing anything at all for the first 10+ seconds of the fight, and she'll *still* turn to them. Many times she even ignores the mechanics of taunt and immediately turns to someone new during the 6 second fixate period, leaving me frustratedly trying to peel her off before it becomes a wipe. Everyone is firmly planted on the ground, no one is trying to exploit the fight by standing on a pillar.

The real confusing part is that after the first little bit of the fight, she's stuck to me like glue as it should be, it does not persist past the first breath attack. Has anyone come across anything similar?
Yeah, we're having the exact same issues. It's very detrimental to not be dps'ing right away. We haven't found a solution to this yet other than the tank being quick on the taunt button.
What perhaps makes it more confusing is that Nefarian will, on occasion, do exactly the same thing when he lands. Neither is particularly common but both are possible. Both can and do occur despite a sometimes significant threat lead (read: hundreds of thousands, at least according to Omen), including the presence of threat misdirection abilities.

Originally I figured it to be some kind of semi-evade state caused by pre-HoTs and heals from people who had not yet landed. I did, at one time, experience a few "Evade" attacks which supported the theory. However, that Nefarian does the same thing (well and truly after everyone has hit the ground) tends to suggest that is not the case, or at least not the only cause.

I'll be keeping an eye on the goings-on during our next attempts at the encounter. Hopefully I can spot something a little more consistent, thus useful.
Levitate and Path of Frost tend to cause this for me.
have your tank stay off the grating when pulling her back
Posted about this last night with Nef going crazy on our healers. I don't think I was on the grating for most of the pulls but unless a blue responds I will have to make sure of it next week.

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