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Ok, just to make this clear I do NOT play a Warrior. This post is to hopefully settle an argument within the ranks of my guild that has been raging for almost 2 weeks and I am desperate to stop it.

In short DO WARRIORS REQUIRE HIT CAP? Our Maintank argues that they do not reforge / gem hit because he goes for avoidance first as (and i quote) "Vengeance generates enough threat"

PLEASE help with this issue as it is starting to get out of hand.

Theorycrafting. Secondwind, you're up. Explain to the nice young Paladin.
Hopefully someone has an answer out there, so far not 1 player has touched this topic on a couple of forums that I have posted on. I think people are nervous about the reaction their answers my give
Thankyou thankyou thankyou. I am sure this should upset some people but I am glad this will be over with <3
It really depends. If everything is fine with the way your tank is tanking (IE: He is not having any trouble with threat) then what he is saying is absolutely correct. But if he is having threat problems, being at the expertise and hit cap will be much more useful to him than ~4% more mitigation.
Threat is not an issue, he holds onto that threat and doesnt let it go. So the verdict is screw the hitcap stam/avoidance = great success?
02/15/2011 5:42 PMPosted by Kirbydin
Threat is not an issue, he holds onto that threat and doesnt let it go. So the verdict is screw the hitcap stam/avoidance = great success?


Trying to go the minimum 8% hit will take up some reforging/gem slots that would better off be trying to raise up mastery/dodge/parry.

Threat right now is manageable. The more higher ilevel items we get, pretty sure the more we'll start to go into hit/expertise.

Unless you want your prot warrior tank to never lose aggro and have healers run out of mana faster as opposed to manging threat from DPS for a few seconds and having the healers not run out of mana as fast.
a large portion of your threat is from thunderclap/shockwave. they cannot miss

so gear all survivability, never gear for threat, thats what md/tricks/salvs/all the agg dumps are for.

he has a taunt and an aoe attention getter, thats is plenty to handle hiccups, and the only time threat is shaky is pre vengeance stacks.
what about interupts? without the hitcap wouldn't shieldbash miss?
tank shouldn't be the only one interrupting anyway i would say its a non issue
Really depends on your make up. Most 10 mans will even have enough interrupts to not have to worry about it. The only time I have to toss on a little hit/hit food is for Nef. As a 10 man guild I end up being the only interrupter on my platform so all I need is 5% (mobs are level 85 on the platforms) so its not giving up much just to be sure ill get it every time.

Please keep in mind for questions like this generally there is 1 way of doing it but ultimately it will depend in your raid make up.
You don't need to be capped. But IMO having some hit and expertise is good. Having some hit and expertise can improve your dps by a good amount. Now I know, I know, we are tanks and dps isn't our job, but you can reforge a bit of your gear to lose a tiny bit of avoidance for decent hit and expertise and your damage will go up quite a bit as a tank. For example, I reforged my gear and lost 1.75% avoidance (split between dodge and parry) and went from doing 5-7k dps to 10-12k dps by getting an extra 3.5% hit and 16 expertise. Over the course of a 6 minute fight that's a good 1.8-2.5 million damage. Call me crazy but that extra damage more than makes up for that tiny dip in avoidance.

But that was before the patch and I haven't raided since after because I had my parents visiting. I'll see what the damage is like this weekend after the patch. I don't even know if I'll even be able to pull a paltry 9k :(

Anyways, hit and expertise is good imo for the great dmg a tank can dish out with max vengeance and not to mention reliable interrupts are good to have for when the dps zone out and miss one.
Only fight your tank will need to be hit capped for is Nef and that's if he's on interupt duty, and even then if you have lots of reliable interupters that is also a non issue.
02/15/2011 5:42 PMPosted by Kirbydin
Threat is not an issue, he holds onto that threat and doesnt let it go.
Then why was this even a point of contention? His actions and abilities proved his point for him.

He ignores threat stats.

He holds threat fine.

Seems to answer itself, doesn't it?
I have only reforged a few things to hit, mostly to keep Dodge ~1% below Parry. Once my parry value increases I will reforge it to dodge.

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