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If you are comfortable with the rotation, I believe Haste pulls ahead. (This doesn't mean "completely exclude Mastery / Crit", though.)

If you're not comfortable with the rotation and find yourself making mistakes, Mastery does come in on a very close second overall, and is actually preferred on some fights over Haste. Since prioritizing Haste speeds up the rotation dramatically, if you're not rock solid on it, I would suggest going Mastery and adding Haste as you feel more comfortable.

(As an example for the "which is better for DS" question: Ultraxion will favor Haste, but Gumball Boss favors Mastery (because you can bloody the boss up (as this is Mastery's main source of damage) just before swapping to bleed a bit on the adds.)

In short, it's whatever you're more comfortable with. I know plenty of people on this forum who have said they prefer the Mastery priority build because they like to plan their next moves and have the time to check buffs / debuffs / bleeds as well as the floor they're standing on for odd colored crap.

Personally, I prefer a Haste build because unlike those mentioned above, I *hate* waiting for energy. :P But even then, I have a round-about preference for Haste, not blindly following what Rawr tells me to do or the "reforge something on every piece to haste" build. (I generally use Rawr because wowreforge is set to Mastery and I'm lazy. :P) I don't take Rawr as an absolute, just as a starting point. If I upgrade a few pieces and feel my rotation is going too fast (either I'm energy capping or making mistakes) / slow (waiting for energy regen), I make adjustments based on that.
Thank you for the very thorough response. I was favoring haste a little bit before and I am definitely comfortable with the rotation so I will go for a haste build.
Good luck. Bear in mind that Haste pulls ahead mostly because it assumes 0 latency and perfect rotation. The other thing to take into account (that I forgot to post) is whether you have high latency or not. :P
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Could someone please let me know what is considered a 'good' latency. I am at work so I can't check mine right away but the comments say that to optimize haste builds you need good latency.

I seem to do more damage in fights with a mastery build so I was wondering how much of an effect latency has and/or what it actually affects.

So i was doing some sim work today and i am finding it hard to explain.

DPS (non-BitW): 51336.72936
DPS (BitW): 49359.01329

Am i just reading this backwards or is it saying my none execute dps is higher than execute dps? Now i assumed moving the Blood in the Water slider closer to 60% from 25% would change these results but at 40% i see even more of a change in the wrong direction.

DPS (non-BitW): 65487.49785
DPS (BitW): 50582.98977

If someone could explain whats going on would be appreciated.
I just noticed that, and it is very odd. I'll repost this on the Fluid Druid forums where Leafkiller and Yawning frequent more than here and see what they have to say.
Tinderhoof on Fluid Druid responded:

This is expected and correct.

Prior to our T13 2p bonus for a 5 minute fight only the last 1:15 seconds were being recorded as BitW phase. In that short window we would see a Berserk, 2 TF's, likely at least some of BL, and a Potion use. In the very small window DPS goes much higher.

Now we are on the flip side. For a 5 minute fight out of BitW is 2 minutes. In that 2 minutes we have a Berserk, 4 TF's and a Pot. With the full minute shorter we will see DPS go up.

At first glance it does look kind of odd, but it does make sense given the change.

My response:

But it doesn't make sense that prior to BitW we are keeping up Rip, Rake, Mangle, SR, and using FB maybe once every 30-60 seconds if lucky, but during BitW we are keeping them up and using FB every 10-15 seconds. Why would DPS go down from being able to use a higher damaging ability more often without risk of losing uptime?
Think about it this way. Which do you think will produce higher dps:
2 minute time window with Berserk (25 seconds), Pot (25 seconds)
3 minute time window with Berserk (25 seconds), Pot (25 seconds)

While during BitW we are able to sustain higher over all dps, getting the same burst in both windows the shorter window is always going to be higher.

EDIT: Forgot to add that I am 90% sure that Mew blows BL at the start.
Mew's Berserk strategy is to blow it at the start, then every 3 mins after unless there is less than 3 mins remaining in the fight in which case it will wait until the end of the fight (where Bloodlust will presumably be up) to use Berserk.

If you want a more accurate analysis of BitW difference, simply remove Berserk and disable pre-potting.

Also, with 2T13, BITW uptime is set to 2.5x of the pre-2T13 uptime. So if you set BITW uptime to 40% then it will be assumed that BITW is up 100% of the time with 2T13.
It just seems odd for his scenario, especially if it's for a 5 minute fight where you can berserk and pot both at the start as well as during the BitW phase at 40%.

(edit because I don't know if his scenario is for 5 minutes, just saying)
Mew default is 5 mins with +/- 20% random jitter
You can't compare the pre-BITW and post-BITW DPS directly if Berserk and potting are used, simply because the Berserk and Pot uptimes for the pre- and post- BITW phases will be different, and together they have a bigger effect on DPS than the 2T13 bonus.
Yawning on Fluid Druid responded:

Heroism is used on the pull.
Can anyone explain why crit isn't as important as agility?
Agility gives about 55% of the Crit that 1 Crit Rating does, on top of 2 Attack Power, and the 2 AP puts Agility way ahead of Crit Rating in terms of value.
Thank you. =)
would the 397 pvp conquest staff be better for dps then LFR kiril?
The 397 Conquest Staff should be better. The Weapon DPS upgrade by itself is enough to cover the value of the Kiril proc, the agi and secondary stat is additional bonus.

To confirm that, you'll want to run both weapons through Mew.

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