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I have a question. I'm not sure if it's been answered yet but I'm not gonna go through 37 pages to find out lol. Does the T13 2 set bonus give you a 100% chance to refresh your rip or is it more dependent on the Blood in the Water percentage? If it gives 100%, is two points in Blood in the Water necessary? I only noticed this recently and I was wondering if anybody has an answer to this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
It's based off of the talent. It just ups the percentage to 60%.
02/16/2011 02:49 AMPosted by Tangedyn
Basically treat each point of Secondary Stat as 1/3rd of a point in Agility

I've used SimulationCraft and Mew in hopes of assigning accurate values to stats.

Mew says for every point in agility, you gain 2.95 dps (Rounded)
This is only for my character and may vary from person to person.

Treating each point of a Secondary Stat as 1/3rd of a point in Agility makes perfect sense when using this rule of thumb for gemming.

According to Mew, every point in Mastery is a 0.98 Dps increase (may vary from person to person) which is equal to 1/3rd of a point in agility (2.95) but this does not apply to all of the other secondary stats.

My question is why do we treat each point of a secondary stat as 1/3rd of a point in Agility.

Thanks in advance for helping me understand this.

P.S. Great guide by the way, very informative.
For the purpose of gemming, or even choosing gear, treating every secondary stat as 1/3rd of an agility is a good enough approximation, because they are either worth 1/3rd or very close to that.

Of course, the approximation isn't good enough for reforge strategy so that's when you want to use stat values from Mew.
So, can any of you tell me what is better. Heroic Spire of Coagulated Globules or Regular Kiril?
Whatever has the higher weapon damage.
02/29/2012 05:21 PMPosted by Taggs
So, can any of you tell me what is better. Heroic Spire of Coagulated Globules or Regular Kiril?

Heroic spire will give you more dps in the long run. Kiril, if you can time the proc, would give you more controlled burst.

Basically, H Spire will be better.
Ok first of all ty you all for the good input here on everything feral. I have a question that has been bugging my fur for a while so I came here for help. When I pop my berserk/TF macro am I supposed to just be shredding? Or am I supposed to be getting 5 point combo then Ferocious Biting?

I read on EJ that they said the optimal way is to not use FB if you have T13 2 piece (outside the 60% life total). Ive tried it both ways and I cap energy when I do it just the Shred way. If there is some math behind why you do it the one way over another that would be ok too. I suppose Shredding till berserk is over makes some sense because of the discounted cost of the Shred during that time.
From the rotation in the guide:

"9. Use Ferocious Bite if Berserk is up, you have 5 Combo Points, at least 5 seconds remaining on Rip, and at lease 3 seconds remaing on Savage Roar."
Ty ty I must of skipped over that. i guess I had info overload from reading so many different forums.
Thanks for all the work put into this.
Plagiarism! Plagiarism I say!
I see alot of questions about which weapon is better in this post. Think of it this way, the weapon with the HIGHEST dps is going to be your best weapon for feral cat regardless of stats or procs...Weapon dmg is king for us. It is higher valued than even agility.
Is it even possible to reach the crit cap? If so, I know that it is not a matter of raw crit rating, but a matter of having high agility, as that increased crit strike. Can anyone show me a place to look up numbers regarding this issue (non google) or perhaps give me generals; what aproximate crit rating need to hit hard cap?
It was possible towards the end of T10 in WOTLK. We probably won't worry about it this time for a few reasons

1. There are other stats that are useful to us, unlike Crit being king back in WOTLK (after the ArPen nerf) when Haste was terrible.
2. Several slots that don't have E410 items available.
3. Thanks for all the expertise, Blizz!
03/21/2012 11:16 PMPosted by Tangedyn
3. Thanks for all the expertise, Blizz!

I sure do love expertise.
I have a question on how to reforge my self, i understand that the secondary stats are equal to eachother. if someone could take a look at me, and see if my build is okay. i like a balance w/ haste and mastery with hit and exp capped.
You are slightly over the hit and expertise cap. It's better to be slightly below than to be slightly above. Might want to change the tank trinket for a DPS trinket too if that is your DPS set.
02/16/2011 02:51 AMPosted by Tangedyn

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