Argent Tournament mounts, Missing?

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I *DID* race change my shaman to a goblin, and have been catching up on some argent tournament dailies I have been putting off forever.

Sen'jin Quartermaster Samamba is suppose to sell the Swift Purple Raptor and Orgrimmar Quartermaster Freka Bloodaxe supposidly sells Swift Burgundy Wolf for 5 argent champion seals and 500 gold a piece. I noticed the 100 champion seal mounts are still available and listed but the 5 seal 500g mounts are not. Is this because I race changed to a goblin specifically? All of my other characters who can check, are now goblin. :(

It would be a good assumption, dear.
Even though they fixed it so that goblins and worgen can now participate in the Tourny, some things like faction mounts are not fixed.
02/16/2011 12:17 PMPosted by Gadgets
Is this because I race changed to a goblin specifically?

I'm afraid so, Gadgets, though this is affecting Worgen as well. It seems there is a known issue regarding these mounts, with the exception of the White Skeletal Warhorse. The mounts that sell for 500 gold and 5 Champion's Seals are not available to the new races.

I don't have an estimate on when they will be but we expect to have this addressed in an upcoming patch.
Thanks for the replies. Appreciate it.

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