How long do Draenei live?

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There is little more than suggestions either way. Until something does, I lean towards immortality, since I think the 'evidence' pointing to that is stronger. Plus I love writing from the perspective of immortal beings.
02/16/2011 09:15 PMPosted by Achanatan
How long do Draenei live? when do they reach maturaty, middle age, and elerlyness?

The Draenei Death Knight quests make a reference to your character being alive on Argus, pre-Burning Legion.

Of course, it isn't stated how old your person was on Argus and your person is now undead, so you can take what I say with a grain of salt.

But anyways... at least 25,000 something years old. Before the War of the Ancients at the very least.
04/09/2011 11:37 AMPosted by Alanii
Immortal is more interesting, I think.

04/10/2011 05:38 AMPosted by Dreadlocked
Actually, Kael'thas' blood elves (Sunhawks) took it from the Naaru when they arrived at outland. The Draenei then took it back from the Blood Elves and used it to come to Azeroth, but the Sunhawks sabotaged it and it crashed.
This. And thank you for remembering the part about the Sunhawks sabotaging it. The "draenei can't drive" jokes got old a long time ago.
Well, given there are currently no Immortal beings on Azeroth, and there are maybe like 10 of every other race to 1 Draenei, Draenei probably should be a bit special.
There's a difference between "special" and "speshul," if you get my drift.

Additionally, I doubt that they are immortal. Velen is specifically pointed out as immortal, and various little asides point to draenei having a certain life expectancy.

They are, however, known to be incredibly long-lived. Restalaan was mature but still in his prime when they left Argus, and that was still true of him when he died at Durotan's hand at Telmor.
One constant about immortality in Warcraft is that it comes with a price. Whether you sell your soul to demons, seek forbidden power, or base your society around a dangerous magical source, immortality isn't free. If your society IS immortal, it's either because it has a job to do or paid a heavy price for it.

Draenei... didn't. Their entire society is based around running away. The night elves got their immortality for standing against the demons, and they lost it when they stood against the demons again. Those who have tried to become immortal again, like the Shen'dralar or Fandral, have been portrayed as wrong. Draenei are getting their immortality handed to them on a silver platter with no consequences.
Hate me if you like, but it's true. Draenei are endemic cowards.

Even Velen suggested the Alliance pack up and move to another planet when we had earthquakes in 4.0
04/10/2011 08:37 PMPosted by Alanii
I have a feeling that was a joke, like the other "HURRR DURRR CRASH SHIP HURF" jokes, like Lor'themar Theron not being at the Horde's own meeting.

Most of the jokes about the draenei being crappy pilots are made by the players. That "joke" was put in by Blizzard itself. Personally, I take it as one of the few indications of Draenei philosophy.
04/10/2011 08:47 PMPosted by Alanii
edit: Lending further credence to that instance of Velen suggesting they flee being a joke, he has said he foresaw that Azeroth would be the final battlefield/staging ground whatever (line eludes me) for the Army of Light against Sargeras. Why would he believe that, if he wanted to flee Azeroth?

They could always come back.
04/10/2011 09:07 PMPosted by Alanii
I'm not saying HE'S joking, I'm saying BLIZZARD is joking.

But HE said it. That means, in-story, it wasn't a joke.

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