How long do Draenei live?

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04/10/2011 09:14 PMPosted by Alanii
Regardless, you can continue arguing this with me. But that is Velen. Velen also told the Draenei to wait for the Orcs to see reason. Draenei made it pretty clear in their starting zone they intend to make this their home.

They wanted to make it their home when the place wasn't falling apart. The way I think the Draenei see it, Azeroth is a lemon: it looked good at first but then there's all those problems like, say, murderous giant cyborg dragons and elemental planes and now they want to trade it in for a new one.
We don't know that. Want to know how we don't know that?

Because Draenei have no development.

Also, Draenei are trying to settle Hinterlands. I mean, there's hardly any evidence of it. But a few NPCs say so. That took a lot of effort for Blizzard, you know.
Doesn't matter if draenei are extremely long-lived or physically immortal imo, since basically everything out in the Warcraft universe seems intent on killing them.

So I think a draenei's "lifespan" is basically how long before something comes along and sticks a axe/spear/poison/etc into him or her.
How long do Draenei live?

mmm..interesting question Well since Draenei don't have a age I'm guessing more then 200 years.

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