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When I am in the game world, including busy cities like Stormwind, my latency sits around 40-60ms. However, when I join a Battleground or Random Dungeon my latency (world) spikes to over 700, and often ends in a disconnect. I've noticed that I can sometimes still chat with the dungeon group even as I am disconnecting. Any thoughts? Tried deleting the WTF Folder. Thanks

I am having the EXACT same issue like you described going on since the last major patch. I also tried running the repair thing but to no avail, please help us out blizz.
Same here man
Been experiencing this only after the patch. The rest of the years ive never had any problems. It is seriously frustrating and the fact that i havent seen any blue post acknowledge or give helpful tips about this matter makes me want to stop playing this game.
same here guys, seriously freaking annoying as im trying to get honour points for my toon, and i cant even shoot a horde character without it lagging for atleast 10 seconds! but outside of bg's even when i duel people my latency is less than 300ms all the time. while in bg's its 2000ms plus!!!
I too have the same problem.
battle grounds work fine until I get close to the opposing team, the pre battle is fine, if i stay back it's fine until someone gets to close, then it just freezes
I've had the same thing. Game latency runs fine outside of dungeons, bg's and arenas. The moment I enter any dungeon, bg or arena there's an immediate lag spike and latency jumps to 5k+. This of course renders the dungeon or bg unplayable.
Same problem. IF the latency isn't sky high in a dungeon, I will DC on boss pulls :(
if you think thats bad, buster, i'm rockin' 5000 ms.

Same problem happens with me. Latency is fine before and after BGs, but during my latency will skyrocket to something ridiculous like 16202, then I'll DC and, after multiple attempts to log in with getting DC'd right away, I'll get kicked out of the BG with the deserter debuff...
Mine isn't limited to bgs and dungeons but it does seem drastically worse and more frequent in them.
same problem ive done everything to fix it .. and still the same results im fine when im questing alone but it seems when i get into the dungeon group my latency just springs up to 500-1000 and when i pull everything freezes like im about to disconnect i never disconnect though..
Okay Need someone from Blizz to address this issue, this isn't just in Bg's and Dungeons or raids, Latency is BAD!!!! I run three computers and a printer off of my router (one computer wireless) and I have WoW playing on two of the hard-wired computers all the time. Never have I had as much latency issues as I have starting today (6-7-2011).

Yes, I have reset my router, put all settings down on WoW and tried all the " what I can do on my end" things...this is clearly a server or Blizz issue.

I have talked with others on Azuremyst server and they seem to be having the same issues, Jousting at the Tourny grounds is a joke can't even get off one charge before you are booted off your mount and told to come back later when you get better!

What is the deal with the High Latency lately Blizz?? Buehler?!!

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