Death Knight

That's what I said when I faction changed!

Thinking about going Orc though, they just look better in plate.

femorcs are pretty beast imo

They would have to be, a female orc did give birth to Saurfang.

Deathquoi is the greatest failed DK i have seen on this whole forums

I come in here to look up some pointers because im trying to learn the class better, and among all the Epeen QQ rage in the DK forums, deathquoi has been the greatest douche here. Whenever im trying to look out for some class imbalences that i can adapt with all i see is him trolling.

To be honest, he makes a fool of this class.

I was expecting you to at least tell me why I've failed. All I see here is a sadbaby blubbering about how I'm not nice.

No kidding.
Deathquoi, what was it that you used to have in your signature? You want me to be scared of how much I love you or something?

I don't remember but we should make little blue humans with tusks. You have to be the mom, though.

I still love you, but I ain't no mammy.

I still love you, but I ain't no mammy.

"MAMMAY!!!! Aw, if I had a rock I'd bust you in the head #@%!@"

best quote from Transformers evar

Amen. Pour one out for Bernie Mac :(

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