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I am fairly new to PvP and I was wondering what a lot of the PvP terms mean, for instance, what is a "cleave"? like spell-cleave or something like that.

Like spell aoe
02/14/2011 4:57 PMPosted by Slayed
Like spell aoe

Ok, are there any other popular ones I should know? Really the only thing I know is what a "comp" is, and that s about it
spell cleave is Double caster dps + healer
a cleave is the best term in the world. it is overused, abused and confused, but it remains the best terms ever.

like last week i saw a mongolian earthworm cleave, and when i saw it they stomped our faces in hard. that much CC and dps at the same time and up for so long, like i'd scream nerf but it was just so beautiful.

the main list of cleaves are wizard cleave (or wizard sleave), beast cleave, doomkleave (moonkins), and theres a couple others
Beast cleave? is that two melee and a healer?
Cleave used to mean double melee team, but later on it came to mean any team with 2 of a role (melee, caster, healer), and then just devolved to mean any 3v3 invented in like season 6 or beyond.

"Cleave" doesn't really mean much now, but specific terms like "spellcleave" mean double caster (wizardcleave is a synonym), dispelcleave means priest/paladin/warrior double healer, and beastcleave is enhance/hunter/paladin.
Thanks for feedback, and another thing, what is MMR?
02/14/2011 5:08 PMPosted by Saintbeckman
Thanks for feedback, and another thing, what is MMR?

A spell cleave, and it sucks.
Match making rating.
this stat goes up or down depending on how well your doing, generally it is about the same as your rating, but it determines who you will go up against in an arena b/c most of the time when a normal amount of people your playing are on you will get teams about your skill level, because normally players with the same skill get around the same MMR(match making rating)

As noted by the name it makes your matches for you and it not derived from your team rating, for instance my hpally/feral 2's comp is 1960 MMR but only 1809 rated at the moment. For the most part, when you win it goes up and when you lose to a team only a bit better or worse than you it goes down, but like my 2's team had 2 nights ago we kept getting 1500 rated teams because no one was on and they would lose no MMR due to the fact that we were almost 2k rated MMR.

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