Older players?

Is anyone interested in forming--or has anyone formed--a guild for older players? Love the game but cannot keep up with the youngsters, so don't join groups or do dungeons.
Would love to find some other older (retired) players who enjoy the game to do dungeons and such.
My Horde-side guild has I think every demographic covered. Our website reports our median age is around 40yo. Regardless, it doesn't tolerate immature stuff.

I'd be interested Horde side :/

30 years old myself and I'm a big team player. But if you stay ally GL with getting it going. We need more guilds targeted at mature almost RP (puke) kinda outlook.
30 is young lol...Now i feel real old.
lol, by older I meant senior citizens. Hope that makes you feel young again.
I'm an older player - sort of a senior citizen - and would like a guild of older people to play with .... My guild is good, but I always feel a little slow!
Do you know anything about starting a guild? I don't.
You start a guild by going to a capital city guild master NPC, purchasing a Guild Charter, and getting 10 unique signatures (i.e., different accounts). Pretty simple.

The guy in Org is outside Garrosh's throne room, on the west wall of the building.
Geezz...I've been playing for 1 1/2 yrs now and have been searching the whole time for a 55+ guild....I can keep up w/the kids but miss good social conversations. I have been thinking about starting a LGBT friendly guild on Proudmoore now for some time...This post convinces me there is definately a need for such guilds....btw 65 yrs young...lol
If you want that older guild, its horde side.

But its very large too. Over 800 members.

Its not themed for older, but rather for progressives / liberals. And its just ended up with a mostly over 40 crowd. Several people in their 60s.
You didn't mention the name of the guild? Is anyone aware of an Alliance guild 55+?

Hi folks ,

I'm a 64 year old man that's been playing WoW for over 6 years now.
Have 8 x 85 toons (+1 horde in Knights of the Dawn) in a mostly mature age guild on Khaz'Goroth and the GM and myself have made another mature age guild on Duskwood realm where I have 2 x 85's and an 84 + a bunch of other very well turned out toons.

The guild on Khaz'Goroth is called "Smite" , on Duskwood the name is "Old Farts are Us"

BTW 10 out of 11 85's are Alliance.

I'm curious as to how many other mature age people play WoW are out there.

Peace out.

I'm 70 yo and I love this game. Grandson got me into it. Glad to know I'm not the only grown-up playing. I've got 3 85s on Garrosh, all Alliance, another 7 at different levels. Anyone wants to start a guild for serious adults?
My husband always wanted to make a guild called "Get Off My Lawn" lol.

Seriously tho hubby and I have been looking for some time for a fun group of older players (Horde side). We're currently on Winterhoof, which just seems to be dying. In fact, our old guild (Godmode) just switched servers last night. Unfortunately they moved to a PvP server, which means I won't be following them.

If anyone finds what we all seem to be looking for, please clue the rest of us in :)
hey i'm 30 and can keep these young kids heads spinning! who you calling old!

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