Defending the Rift

Appears like it's a phasing problem. Either try swimming to Shimmering Expanse or try a cheap phase by logging out and back in again.
I have been able to complete this prior to the most recent patch without any trouble. Now I'm doing it on an alt and getting stuck where the prior posters have reported. On Wowhead there are suggested fixes, including not doing any combat actions while following Nazgrim., logging in and out, and dropping the quest and starting again. After three tries, none of these worked and I decided I'd rather go do quests in another zone than stand around trying to get this last one done.

Please fix it.

Sorry guys, they are too busy rehashing ZG and ZA to work on their newer content. Its bad enough the reuse the same graphics over and they are doing it to dungeons! And all the while their newer content is buggy as hell.
Tried again today and it worked for me. I guess there is some bug preventing it working under some circumstances, that we just have to play bingo with. (I used the technique of talking to Erunak and then not touching the computer until the script ends, although that technique did not work last week).
This POS quest is still not fixed
In the last part where there's supposed to be a cutscene, if you attack the Honor Guards, it bugs the whole encounter. Solution: Don't attack the Honor Guards. Let the NPC's start fighting them, and very soon after they start, the cutscene begins.

(I got this tidbit of useful information on the quest comments at, and I confirm that this bug still exists as I have described it. Link: )
I have tried all suggestions except for removing my add-ons. will try that now. have gotten to the end of the quest (without receiving the completion) 11 times now. i guess a 12th time won't make a lot of difference.

4 a.m. 12/7/11. removed all add ons, reduced graphics to poor, did not get the completion. Once more, i have abandoned the quest in the hopes that it gets fixed soon.
This quest is still bugged.

Super-annoying, since you've made doing it both an achievement and the 'capstone' of the zone.
After all this time this quest is still broken, with all the money you're making Blizz you'd think this wouldn't be an issue...
Still bugged :(
Did any of you get through this? 2/4/2013 and I am hitting this wall.

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