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Guide: Playing WoW via cell phone 4G network. Statements made are valid as of Feb 2011.

Can WoW be played successfully over a cell phone's 4G network?

Background on 4G:
What is 4G?
Hype mainly, but an important step in advancement of mobility. There is no official standard for 4G and its associated speed claims. Companies broadly use the term 4G to describe a network that delivers faster download and upload speeds from their 3G network. What a particular company's 4G network is composed of or how it advances data speed, is purposely vague and convoluted. Generally, 4G allows downloading and uploading at 10 times faster speeds than legacy 3G networks.

What is needed to get my phone to work?
You need a 4G provider, reside in an area that has 4G coverage, and the ability to turn your phone into a mobile hotspot. Each feature will cost money. Generally $30 to $50 more a month total on top of your likely already large cell phone bill.

What is mobile hotspot?
Hotspot turns your cell phone into a high speed internet hub, just like your wireless router does now for your broadband connection.

What cell phone company is the best for 4G and WoW playing?
Either Sprint or Verizon.

Why Sprint or Verizon and not T-Mobile or AT&T?
Sprint and Verizon built separate 4G and 3G networks. Their 4G network operates simutaneously with their 3G network. This is critical so that when/if you get a call, text message, email, or ANY other phone use during WoW playing time, your 4G internet connection will not be interrupted because your service can handle multitasking networks. To learn more about 4G networks and what they are (and more importantly, what they aren't) do a google search on Long Term Evolution: LTE (Verizon 4G) and WirelessMAN-Advanced: WiMax (Sprint 4G).

Which is better Sprint or Verizon?
Currently Sprint is the only viable choice for playing WoW via cell phone 4G netowrk.

Why Sprint?
Sprint is the only company currently offering unlimited data plans. This means you can download as much data as you want. My monthly data useage can go from 2 to 10 gigabytes of data depending how much WoW was played (and other online activities).

Disclaimer: I am not a fan of Sprint and they are the weakest of the four major cell phone carriers, but facts for WoW playing show Sprint to be best company at this time. I do not work for or represent Sprint.

Is Sprint the fastest 4G network?
No, Verizon is. Sprint and Verizon built different types of 4G infrastructure and Verizon's is simply better. Sprint can never match Verizon speed. You can google such if you can to review history of 4G development. Also Verizon's coverage is greater. When/if Verizon ever
offer unlimited data plans too, then Verizon would be the best choice. Currently Verizon is greedy with capped data useage, which would result in massive fees for playing WoW.

4G Numbers:
How fast does 4G download?
My download speeds observed over a five month period using Sprint 4G network would range from 300 kilobytes/sec to 600 kilobytes per second.This is more than adequate to play WoW. I downloaded the entire WoW game and all expansions using 4G network. Average speed for that was 440 kb/sec and total data was 13.6 gigabytes. Calulate this out, it took 8 and a half hours to download everything. I don't buy hard copies anymore.

How does this translate into actual in game lag?
General lag is 200 ms to 400 ms. Average for me over five months of play time was at 260 ms.Some players are used to 60 to 100 ms lag times. You'll fine 97% of WoW situations such a difference will not matter. Key arena standoffs in 2v2 matches could be a factor, though I have not seen a loss of my skill due to lag at 260 ms.

Is 260 ms lag too laggy?
Not for me and the Battleground PvP I prefer to do.

Does lag get worse with 40 man raids? Or 40 vs 40 massive Battlegrounds?
No. Never experienced siginficant lag increase due to massive amounts of players in one spot.

Can you travel through capital cities?

Was any part of WoW unplayable?

Did your 4G connection drop?
Yes it did. Though not frequently. And remember your phone has both 4G and 3G networks. If 4G fails, your phone automatically switches to 3G until 4G returns. Therefore, your WoW playing is not ruined. In fact, due to having two networks, you are actually more stable than those with a single broadband landline.

Can WoW play with 3G Coverage?
Technically yes, but realistically no. Slower 3G coverage is ok for solo leveling and resource
gathering, but not much else. PvP, raids, capital cities all jam up on 3G coverage.

WoW can be played successfully on 4G networks. The advantages are cost and mobility. I have been able to remove my cable company from being my internet provider.
While like you said, it`s technically possible to play on cell phones, you don`t say HOW you play it. Please, don`t come here (this forum) to complicate lives of players that actually find the game already complicated to some extent.

Secondly, planet earth is already plagued by people with cell phones, driving their cars. Don`t make it worst.

This post should go to general, or technical support. This is my humble opinion, and I stand for this

Anhart, the OP is explaining that it is possible to play on a 4G cell phone network. Nowhere does he say that this is how to play on a cell phone. Basically, he's explaining that you can turn your cell phone's 4G network into your computer's wireless connection and still play WoW just fine, eliminating the need to use a wireless router. If you don't want to/can't pay for both, I guess this is an option if you still want to play WoW.

I think this is a well-written and informative post, though I also question its placement here in the New Player forum. I suppose there's nothing wrong with it being here, but I don't quite see the relevance to New Players per say. (shrugs)
Anhart, the OP is explaining that it is possible to play on a 4G cell phone network. Nowhere does he say that this is how to play on a cell phone. ..............

Maybe it's just me, but his thread title "Guide: Playing WoW Via Cell Phone 4G Network," kind of implies that he is going to tell you how to do it....otherwise, why would it be called a "guide"? Guides generally tell you how to do something.

I agree it was well written and had good intent, but it's placement isn't exactly optimal.... imo of course.
Sprint didn't build a 4G Network. They use the network built by Clearwire. That said, I use Clear (Clearwire's 4G home and mobile internet service) and it works well for WoW.
Secondly, planet earth is already plagued by people with cell phones, driving their cars. Don`t make it worst.

hmm people driving while playing wow on a laptops. lol crazy image popped in my head
02/15/2011 6:47 AMPosted by Cerylia
I also question its placement here in the New Player forum

Might I direct your attention to the top of the page, where it says "World of Warcraft > Forums > Gameplay and Guides > New Player Help and Guides > Guide: Playing WoW Via Cell Phone 4G Network

I think we can all agree that this belongs in one of the forums in the "Gameplay and Guides" category. In this category are six forums: this forum, the Quests forum, Professions, Dungeons and Raids, Achievements and Guild Advancement, and UI and Macro. Well, it's clearly not a quest-related guide. Has naught to do with Professions. Nothing in there is specific to Dungeons and Raids. Achievements and Guild Advancement don't care what connection type you have, nor do custom UIs or macros. So that leaves this forum - the New Player Help and Guides forum, which, surprisingly enough, is the right place for guides, considering it has "Guide" in the name.

I'm pretty sure this is the right forum.
I just wanted to add that there is (or at least used to be) an app on the android market that would also allow for wired tethering through the usb connection as well, so you dont have to use the mobile hotspot feature if you dont want to.
I have used this and it takes a few more steps in order to set it up (but if I can figure it out how hard could it be!) but it might be worth it for a few people, and also it will charge your phone at the same time !!!
There's a feature of the latest Blackberry desktop software for this as well.
It's possible to play, I just played for a while with my 4G on, on my iPhone 4s and I get 110ms, it's as fast as DSL but man the only problem I am seeing is that I think I just used 350MB for less than an hour of playing... Are there any accurate bandwidth programs to watch out for data?
Don't necro-post.
Psst Rynok, check timestamps. It's a necro from a year ago, that post you quoted was before the gaming and hardware forum was added to this site. The person posting directly above you is responsible for the Necro.
03/17/2012 01:51 PMPosted by Avanna
Psst Rynok, check timestamps.

O.O Thank you.

What about CLEAR? I travel and it looks like they have decent plans and devices.

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