Roguedom: Common Rogue Q's & A's

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(Last updated July 20, 2018.)

Raiding. Gear. Stats. Secrecy. Poison. Murder. Deceit. There's so much to know about being a rogue! What's a pirate-spy-ninja-sassin to do?

Nothing. You're screwed. You'll never be any good.

Oh! Sorry; force of forum habit -- I meant the opposite of that.

Whether you're new to the class or a grizzled veteran, there's always more to learn about playing a rogue. In this thread, I’ll do my best to answer commonly asked questions on a range of rogue topics. At present I'm keeping this thread focused on end-game PvE questions only (i.e., primarily raid-relevant stuff).

If you've got any suggestions, Q's you'd like to see A'd, corrections or general death threats, feel free to post in this thread, flip me the bird at @SvelteKumquat or email me at I look forward to completely ignoring your heartfelt messages.
A Thread in Transition: Before Battle for Azeroth

I've cleared away most of the usual Q&As as we move through the super-awkward period between July 16 (the pre-patch that takes us from Legion into Battle for Azeroth) and Aug. 14 (when Battle for Azeroth officially launches).

How are rogues changing in Battle for Azeroth?
    All sorts of ways! They're nothing compared to the overhauls we saw for Legion, but a host of adjustments -- most small, some large -- arrived with the BfA pre-patch on July 16.

    I recommend the following resources if you're looking for clear, informative rundowns:

      Written Guides

        For Highlights: Wowhead
        • Assassination:
        • Outlaw:
        • Subtlety:

        For In-Depth Raiding-Focused Summaries: Icy Veins
        • Assassination:
        • Outlaw:
        • Subtlety:

        For Bare-Bones Raiding Talents and DPS Rotation: Ravenholdt
        • Fuu's Quickstart Guides:

      Video Guides (by Infexious Gaming)

      • Assassination:
      • Outlaw (from BfA alpha):
      • Subtlety (from BfA beta):
      • Infexious's Full BfA Video Playlist:

Where can I get answers to the billions of questions you haven't answered here?
    The Ravenholdt Discord channel is superneat and filled with useful bits of info, links to outside resources (including theorycrafting) and community discussion. You'll need a Discord account to access it, but it's super-easy to register; here are invite links for some of the key channels:

    • Resources and FAQ:
    • Basic Questions:
    • Assassination:
    • Outlaw:
    • Subtlety:
I accidentally deleted whatever used to be here. That is most unfortunate.
Once the "Basic Questions" section above begins to fill up, I'll start adding more specific, nitty-gritty type questions and answers here. Or maybe not. The world is a magical and unpredictable place!
I looked and thought: "Another rogue has my name?"

In other news, this is a really great and very useful thread, Rfeann. Thanks for starting and maintaining it.
Voted for sticky.
Verelyse describes state of rogue QQ:
Lol. XD
Tossed in a couple more links from my super-secret list and tweaked the formatting a bit. Please reply with any and all forum threads and outside resources you feel are worth letting other rogues know about; I hope this can ultimately grow into a useful reference tool for advice-seekers and advice-givers alike. (Or it can be met with utter disgust and fall completely flat. Whichever.)
02/19/2011 2:46 PMPosted by Firstwind
Thanks for starting and maintaining it.

Oh. Crap. I'm supposed to maintain it? I'll need way more money, then.
Thanks for starting and maintaining it.

Oh. Crap. I'm supposed to maintain it? I'll need way more money, then.

I have good news and bad news:

We're willing to increase your wages by 5% on top of your already 1G.

The bad news, we're going to have to increase your taxes by 4.78%.

But it comes with a free frogurt!
That's good!
Added a few outside links (Shadow Panther, Encrypted Text), as well as Aeriwen's leveling FAQ (so sorry, Aeriwen -- I forgot about your freaking *sticky*!) and Gerwulf's subtlety PvE videos. Also did another formatting pass to make the lists more readable.

Pretty light on Combat-related stuff at the moment, so if y'all have threads or outside resources to recommend... please do. :) I'm also considering adding a section that links to thoughtful, constructive threads or individual posts that discuss controversial/ongoing issues in rogueness, such as the value of expertise as Assassination or the places where Sap doesn't work quite right. If you remember any specific posts that explained or discussed these issues especially well, please pass 'em along!
Added a link to WoWWiki's rogue macro page, which is one of the most complete lists I've been able to find. If anybody knows of better, though -- or wants to start a thread that's even betterer -- that would be swell.

Also, a repeat call for the stuff I mentioned just above: more Combat resources you know of, as well as threads/posts on these forums in which people talk to each other in a normal, human, productive, non-abusive manner about debate-worthy rogue issues or about bugs/difficulties affecting our class.
Voted for sticky

Thanks Rfeann!
Update time!

I've added another two links to the Sub PvE section (Pikawho's guide and Synek's overview in the EU forums), along with a note about why I've got so many links related to a spec that isn't even considered raid-viable. Any sub PvE rogues out there have feelings on which of the four guides I list is better or worse from a helpfulness/accuracy standpoint?

I've also added Ten Ton Hammer's broad overview of the entire rogue class. It's one of few umbrella-type looks at rogueness as a whole, and while it may be out of date in spots, it's still a great first step for anybody who's new to the class, considering rolling a rogue, or brushing off their rogues after a long hiatus.

Please reply with link recommendations or criticisms! This thread is still very light on Combat stuff.

p.s.: Truewann, quit changing the name of your PvP guide every other day. :P
Ha! Thanks. Yeah, since I'm not cool enough to make the news (or start the great forum threads), I figure I might as well just report on it. :)

Hey Tru, I'm considering adding this still-new thread to the mix:

Combat?! PVP viable?

I figure that since Combat PvP tends to suffer from the same knowledge gap as Subtlety PvE, it helps to provide folks with a link to good discussions even if they're not comprehensive guides. But I also don't know Combat from a hole in the ground. In your opinion, is the info in that thread mostly helpful so far? (Celinne, if you're out there, I'd love your take as well.)

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