Roguedom: Common Rogue Q's & A's

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02/22/2011 1:00 PMPosted by Truèwan
While I think it would be a good idea to link the discussion about combat PvP, your thread's intent was to link "guides", so on this point I disagree.

Hm. That's a good point, and one I'll try to keep in mind as I develop the lists. The urge will be strong for me to provide something rather than nothing, but I also don't want to dilute the value of this thread by linking to information that's unreliable. (I fear I may already be doing that with some of the Sub PvE threads I've linked to.)

02/22/2011 1:00 PMPosted by Truèwan
Just give an honorable mention that combat PvP does not have guides, but it does not need them either.

Good idea, I'll do so -- actually, I might include an introductory note for other specs as well.
Now, do you say "does not need them" because the only people who use Combat for PvP already know their stuff, or because there isn't a proven way to succeed at Combat PvP in the first place? :)

This reminds me (indirectly): Need to add Skill Capped's guides to the PvP section.
02/19/2011 11:12 AMPosted by Rfeann
A brief overview of optimal setups for a level-85 Sub rogue with his/her sights set on heroics and raiding. (Note: does not include advice on how to avoid getting beaten up by other rogues who judge you for being sub in PvE.)

Hehe, thanks for the tip. To be honest, idk how to give advice on avoiding getting beat up by other rogues. BTW, I'm a he if you feel the need to edit it.

Good guide :)
02/22/2011 2:35 PMPosted by Haileaus
Hehe, thanks for the tip.

Psh. You're the one doing the hard work trying to create and refine a spec guide. I'm just adding it to a list. :)

For my next update I needed to prune the PvE section to keep it under the char limit, so the his/her stuff is being tossed anyway, but thanks. (I actually meant it in reference to the reader's gender, but clearly didn't write it... um... clearly.)
Oh. ehh well some of those random links were pretty amusing too. I especially like the space-time continuum post.
PvE section updated with a couple new links to Rogue Resource. That put me over the character limit, though, so I trimmed a bunch of descriptions, which is very painful to me as an English major.

PvP section update coming up shortly. Not sure yet whether to add the Sub PvP guide Ømén posted just last night; may wait to see if more positive feedback comes in first, and how likely s/he is to edit and update it.
Hmph. That dude-chick's a skank. My toon's got more self-respect.
I've added a number of links from the good folks at Skill Capped to the PvP section, and broken that section out a little bit better. In the process, we also bid farewell to a link for the first time, which I'll paste here for posterity:

  • Rogue Cataclysm PVP Guide (by Shivedlol)

  • I removed this from the list because it hasn't been updated since 1/1, the OP hasn't even posted in forums since 1/22, and I wasn't sure to begin with whether it included useful info that wasn't already in other listed guides. Fare thee well, Rogue Cataclysm PVP Guide. I release you back into the forum waters from whence you came.

    At this point, I think this list has become decent enough that I'm beginning to think it may actually be a kinda cool resource after all. :) If you agree, please add your voice to those calling for a sticky by clicking the 'Vote Sticky' link at the top of the page (and then doing it again, and again, and again...), as well as by clicking "Like" on the first post to increase its rating. Please also chime in with your own thoughts, criticisms or suggestions on the links I've listed (or have failed to list), which will help me keep the list fresh and keep this thread on page 1 of the forum (but please do not post "bump" posts; a thread should thrive on its own merits, not cries for attention).

    I started a thread as a place for rogues to share their UI setups and discuss and offer advice on add-ons and other UI customization here:

    Hoping to make it somewhere new rogues can go to get ideas on taking their first steps away from the default Blizzard UI, and for more experienced UI tinkerers to get and give new ideas. I might expand into macros as well, if I don't find that too ambitious to fit under one roof and give it it's own place. Plan to see what ingeniousness gets posted and take it from there.

    I look forward to your looking forward to ignoring my thread. :P

    P.S. Sorry for pimpin' my thread in your thread.

    P.P.S. Keep up the great work, this is becoming a really terrific nexus of valuable resources.
    Oh, that's a nice idea -- I saw that thread but only read your first post, and was amazed by how few bars you had. I think I have something like 9 bars in total on the bottom of my screen. If I weren't morbidly self-conscious of my UI I'd join that conversation, but instead I shall monitor it from afar and covet everyone else's smoother setups. Will it focus largely on the UI aesthetics, or on the use of specific addons? Or both?

    I don't mind too much people self-promoting threads in this thread. There will always be some I miss, and work/life is about to largely take me away from the forums for a couple of weeks, so I appreciate anyone who wants to chime in on something they saw that's worth highlighting.
    This needs a sticky for sure! By far a great resource for all Rogues.
    This needs a sticky for sure! By far a great resource for all Rogues.

    I endorse this endorsement. I also would like a cheese danish and a pony.

    02/24/2011 9:52 AMPosted by Truèwan forever?

    Aw, Rogue-Rogue! That was a great resource during the Wrath era. (Were you involved with it? That would explain a lot.) Actually, the macro section over there might still have a lot of value today; I'll need to take a look at it and compare it against the WoWWiki list.
    I try to be as sparse as I can, that way I maximize my ability to see what's roasting my feet like a tasty marshmallow, so judicious use of macros with modifiers is how I achieved minimal bars.

    So far most posts have focused on aesthetics as far as layout go, and listing the add-ons used to achieve the effect. I think I'm going to take what I see there and add a more structured spotlight on specific add-ons, time permitting with tips on optimizing them for life as a rogue.
    I'm not sure where I'll find the space (I figured saving four posts at the start of the thread would be more than enough; silly me), but I'm thinking about adding a "general resources" section of sorts, where stuff about macros and UI issues and add-ons could live. I'd also really like to figure out how to slide in a section about 'current issues,' which is where I could promote, say, Ømén's new 4.1 patch notes thread in an attempt to help divert conversation to that one thread instead of what will likely inevitably become eleventy billion separate threads saying the same exact thing.

    Of course, all of that only matters if this particular thread happens to get a sticky, and thus has the ability to funnel people to other valuable threads. So we'll see.
    02/24/2011 10:28 AMPosted by Truèwan
    I have a hard time believing it won't be stickied.

    Quoting, for the truthing. I admit I wish I had the foresight to reserve a couple posts on my thread. Hindsight of an eagle.
    Quoting, for the truthing. I admit I wish I had the foresight to reserve a couple posts on my thread.

    Yeah, it's like rolling the dice, deciding whether and how many posts to reserve for something you hope (but aren't sure yet) will be permanently useful. I bet Verelyse wishes he grabbed the entire first page for his Assassination guide. :) Similarly, I wish Haileaus had more space for his PvE Sub guide, and that there was a way to make that person's reply in the middle of Aeriwen's PvP strategy thread turn into a post that Aeriwen can hijack and use instead.

    If only we had the ability to "insert" posts into threads we start. Post 1.5, 1.6, 1.55, 1.5555... It could get pretty meta. Hm. Probably would destroy the universe at some point. Sigh; everything has to have a down side.

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