Roguedom: Common Rogue Q's & A's

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02/24/2011 11:03 AMPosted by Truèwan
I started my guide with nothing but "reserved" typed into them lol

Well, aren't you mister smartypants. :P I'm pleased you stuck with yours despite the knee-jerk negative early reactions; hopefully they'll be moderated out over time for trolling.

I'm curious: Are there any rogue guides that any of you reading wish were in these forums (or were anywhere), that people reading this thread could potentially use as inspiration? I remember a post from Ekidna a while back suggesting he was gonna try to put together a guide to rogue CC abilities. I think it could be pretty cool: Kind of a primer for people to better understand how to do stuff *besides* topping damage meters in dungeons and battlegrounds. (Your PvP guide gets into some of these, Truewann, as does Aeriwen's, but a comprehensive rundown of all offensive and defensive non-DPS abilities could be pretty spiffy.)
02/24/2011 11:28 AMPosted by Truèwan
There should be a guide as to how to survive the rogue forums written by Ippon.

I'd read that.
With all the hubbub over the patch notes, I couldn't help myself: I've added a "Current Issues in Rougeland" section to the first post, which includes links to non-sucky threads and posts on controversial rogue topics.

Please reply with additional recommendations for this section as you come across them, so they're not lost in the QQ din and can be used as references to reply to future QQ. :)
The "Fun and Randomellany" section is now, ta-daaaaa, the "Fun Stuff and Random Bits of Helpfulness/Thoughtfulness" section. Please try to contain your excitement!

I've added six links to this section, including Caera's new thread on UI sharing (because it's absolutely taken off and folks are clearly getting a lot out of it); an old and brief but hopefully resurrectable thread on add-ons that may have spurred Caera's thread; some Distract advice; and a trio of cool threads/posts that try to bring a sense of reality or optimism to this forum, which can so easily be overrun by those who prefer panic and hyperbole over taking a deep breath and actually, you know, enjoying this game we play for fun.

I'm also changing the title to reflect the expanded nature of this list. (It feels a little melodramatic now, but character limits keep me from writing "A Guide to Guides, a Thread of Threads," so instead I get to seem like an egomaniac.)

As always, suggestions and thoughts are welcome, as are sticky votes if you've got some in your pocket.
Cannot believe I failed to list this thread earlier:

Players Share Their... Not-So-Best... Rogue Moment

So many great reads in that thread, particularly because they remind us all that we were noobs once -- and, often, still can be noobs in surprising and horribly embarrassing ways. So be nice to noobs; it does a WoW community good. Anyway, that link is now added to the "fun" section. Lovely complement to the "best moment" thread, too.

As I noted above, I've added a section to the first post that attempts to keep track of especially constructive or helpful threads/posts on hot topics in rogueland, including discussion of the upcoming 4.1 changes:

It's hard to keep track of the many convos happening in this thread and the other forums, though, so please shout out if you come across something excellent that I've missed.
Updated the "current issues" listing in post #1 to include this ongoing thread, which I find fascinating, though that may be because I know zilch about PvP.

How Important Is Resilience for PvP Rogues?

This is my fourth post in a row on the thread. Pretty sure that means I should go into counseling.
Great information, back to page one and another vote for sticky!

great post, thank you for all the help!
02/19/2011 5:52 PMPosted by Rfeann
Tossed in a couple more links from my super-secret list and tweaked the formatting a bit. Please reply with any and all forum threads and outside resources you feel are worth letting other rogues know about; I hope this can ultimately grow into a useful reference tool for advice-seekers and advice-givers alike. (Or it can be met with utter disgust and fall completely flat. Whichever.)

You might consider doing what I did with my sub guide, and using this post as part of the actual guide, mentioning that part ??? is post # whatever this is. Just a suggestion. You can also add an edits/citations section as part of it.
You might consider doing what I did with my sub guide, and using this post as part of the actual guide, mentioning that part ??? is post # whatever this is. Just a suggestion. You can also add an edits/citations section as part of it.

Oh! I hadn't thought of that. That's a cool idea if I find myself chronically short of space in the first four posts. Especially since Blizz made it so that links within the forums are actually clickable, I could theoretically add a chapter to the guide... anywhere, really, so long as I link to it from the first post. Thank ye, I'll keep it in mind. :)

That said, this guide is unlikely to get any larger (or even updated-ier) in the near future, since my work schedule is insane this week and I'm leaving this weekend for a 10-day, out-of-country trip. In fact, I haven't had a chance to read the forums at all the last few days; have I missed anything cool?
Stick stickidy stickaroo! It'd be a shame not too!
02/28/2011 6:53 PMPosted by Rfeann
Especially since Blizz made it so that links within the forums are actually clickable,

Yeah how do you do that? I apparently suck at linking things.

Oh and NP :)
Yeah how do you do that? I apparently suck at linking things.

Well, it's a bit buggy at the moment, and it only works with *Blizz* links (URLs that start with or, I believe). But you literally just slap the full Web address into your post -- like this: -- and it'll automatically become a link when you click the Submit button.

The catch is that, if you go back to edit your post later, the link will suddenly be surrounded by HTML code (the "<a href=" stuff), I assume due to some sort of bug. At least, that's what happens to me, duno if it happens to other guide-making folks. Anyway, because Blizz doesn't let you put HTML code like that directly into a post (for security reasons, I assume), when you save your edits, it'll break the link. This is why I keep all four of my posts in a document on my computer and revise it there, then copy/paste the entire thing into the post when it's time for me to do an update. Each time I update a post, I'm basically re-pasting the entire thing into the edit window.
Thanks a lot :)
Back from worky trip, and after scanning the most recent couple pages' worth of threads, decided to add two more to the perma-list. At least temporarily. :)

New in the PvP section:

Advice for Rogues Just Starting PvP at 85
A cool collection of down-to-earth posts responding to a player frustrated by his/her repeated deaths.

New in the "Thoughtful" section:

Why Did You Make a Rogue? (great read if you're thinking of creating one yourself)

Both threads are pretty new, so they may ultimately not last, but what I really like about both is how genuine and helpful most of the posts within them are. It's disturbingly easy for many of us in the forums to leap down the throat of a person who posts in ignorance or who is new and untested in the game. But the PvP thread I've added is a great example of our community rising to help one of our own. I hope to see more of it in the future. :)
Nice work. Thanks for the links.

  • Shadow Panther's Rogue PvP Resources
    Impressively detailed charts that break down the best gear and gear enhancements for PvPing rogues of all levels. (At

  • The correct link is

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