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An excellent thread hub with some great links to existing discussions. My hat off to you Rfeann, you're organizing the rogue forums one post at a time.
03/04/2011 5:06 AMPosted by Zodar
The correct link is

Oooops. Fixed now, thanks so much.

03/04/2011 5:14 AMPosted by Sabretoothbh
My hat off to you Rfeann, you're organizing the rogue forums one post at a time.

Thanks. :) You can keep the hat, though, I've got one.
Not totally sure how many of you will find this useful, but it felt like a potential cool thing to add to the list, so it's now in the "Helpful" section (at

Where to Buy Poisons
In case you're far away from home and running out of that sweet, sweet liquid death. Sortable list; click on an NPC name to see its map location. (At Wowhead)
A smattering of updates today (I'm surprised I've still got so many to make after two weeks):

To the "Current Issues" list, I added a link to the Elitist Jerks' thread on patch 4.1, which includes a really cool chart outlining how various stealth speed buffs appear to be stacking. At the moment, the highest achievable stealth speed appears to be 220% (with Sprint activated), which is almost mind-boggling.

To the general PvE list, I added this great leveling guide from Shadow Panther:

To the Sub PvE list, I added the Elitist Jerks thread that was stickied not long ago (note: it's meant specifically for raiders):

To the PvP list, I added Reckful's new tutorial video, which was fascinating to watch even though I barely understood what was happening on the screen, even in slo-mo. I put it in the "all specs" section because there's a ton in there that is valuable for all of us, even though Reckful's in Sub for the video. (Thanks to Shadowsound for the thread mentioning this vid.)

I also tried to change the formatting to make this look prettier (more along the lines of Heartless's DK guide), but quickly ran up against character limit issues.

And lastly, we bid farewell to another link, this one because it was apparently removed by the forum moderators (perhaps b/c of too much trolling in the thread):
[Rogue PvE] Subtlety
Similar to Haileaus's guide, but with an additional post devoted to discussing abilities and rotations. (By Pikawho)

As always, your thoughts, corrections and recommendations are welcome! (By which I mean: If you pay for my WoW subscription, I will list your thread.)
Quick follow-up: I'm headed out of town -- like, waaaay out of town (and across an ocean) -- for the next week and a half. So if any of you intrepid forum addicts think of it, I would tremendously appreciate it if you could add onto this thread with any new and noteworthy discussions or newly launched/updated rogue resources that take place while I'm away, 'cause I sure as heck ain't wading through a dozen pages' worth of threads when I get back.

Doing so would also have the happy side benefit of keeping this thread somewhat near the front of the forum, thus hopefully making it more likely that guide-seeking rogues will spot it and make use of it (and, in the process, make use of the excellent resources contained within it). I will also not stop you if you choose to repeatedly hit the "Request Sticky" button on this thread while I'm away, whether it's due to your respect for the list or to some unfortunate manifestation of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Just remember, folks: The rogue you save may be your own. Give a hoot, don't pollute. And only you can prevent forest fires.
Congratulations on Sticky!
03/14/2011 11:24 AMPosted by Truèwan
remember to take breaks and have fun with this project!

This deserves to be said again :)
Holy pukebombs. Looks like the moderators were busy while I was away. :) (As was my cat, who managed to somehow get into her treat cabinet while I was gone and, judging by the carnage left on the floor of my kitchen, had herself a comestible orgy.)

I'm warmed and humbled to be stickified. Thanks deeply to everyone who clicked the button or the thumbs-up, and to the nameless, faceless (but no doubt extremely attractive and fun to be around) moderator who decided that this thread was worth calling attention to. I'll do my best to keep this thing from sucking in the future.

Haileaus, I'm thrilled to see your Sub PvE guide got love too! And amused to see that Tanto's guide made the grade -- my completely unintentional omission of that deeply entertaining (and widely useful) thread will change pronto.

Truèwan, I was surprised and a little saddened to see my thread and Haileaus's get the thumbtack and not your rogue PvP guide, which is easily the strongest in the forums and deserves its due -- I wish I knew what mysterious formula goes into a sticky potion so that we could pour it on yours. If you return to the fold one day, I hope you'll pick it back up again; in the meantime, as you depart, I /salute you with one hand while grabbing your wallet with the other. (Really, you should have known better than to leave it in your pocket to begin with.)

And now to catch up on two weeks' worth of new posts (and general rogue/WoW developments). :)
K, after scanning back over the past week or so (I don't have the stamina to go further; one must sleep and do laundry at some point in their lives), I've added to the "4.1 Patch Notes: Upcoming Rogue Changes" list a thread by Fatmaggie pointing out the benefit that an AoE visual effect change will have for stealthed rogues:

I've also added Ømén's Subtlety PvP guide (at to the PvP section -- I'm sorry it took me so long to add it, Ømén, but I wanted to be sure you were keeping it updated and filling it out a bit before making note of it here.

If I've missed anything noteworthy in the past couple of weeks, or if anything I have listed has become irresponsibly outdated in that time, please let me know!
Looks like the EU Forums have been sticky-ing it up lately, too. I've added this lovely guide to the PvE section (*below* Aeriwen's leveling guide, of course):

Newbie Rogue Pointers - Cata Edition
Basic rules of the road and suggestions for folks who are relatively new to the class. (By Wolfy, at the EU Forums)
Pretty sure I'm required by law to add this to the PvP section. So I did.

Celinne/Spriestlol's Combat PvP Guide
Combat rogues, your long wait for a comprehensive Cataclysm PvP overview is over. (By Celinne and Spriestlol)
Shifted the WoWWiki macro list from the PvE section over to the "Helpful" section, and added this there as well:

Rogue: Macro Compilation - All Specs Included
A living collection of macros and macro-creation tips. (By Burial)
At first I avoided adding this thread because I felt it was a magnet for pointless QQ, but there's been some pretty cool discussion nestled within it, and Makeyouholla has done a nice job keeping the thread current, so... now in the "Current Issues in Rogueland" section:

Is the Rogue Population an Endangered Species?
Makeyouholla has been maintaining a "rogue population log" thread (at to keep tabs on what percentage of active level-85 players are rogues. Some spirited discussion of the significance of those numbers has resulted, including thoughtful perspectives from:
-- Exziled:
-- Fatmaggie:
-- Hannibål:
-- Kouzidan:
Shame on me for not adding this sooner. Now featured in the "Helpful" section (at

Ekidna's Poison Guide! Yay!
A runthrough of each rogue poison, how they work, how often they proc, and their relative values (mostly PvE-focused). (By Ekidna, if you couldn't tell)
Though idk how long it will last, you should consider including "SPBC- You Decide" in the list.
*ducks b/c of his vote*
Psh. There is nothing helpful, thoughtful *or* fun about that thread. It's just a series of vicious assaults and violent reprisals, and I will have no part of it. No part, I say!

Unless people vote for me.

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