Roguedom: Common Rogue Q's & A's

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Nice hat.

I'm glad I didn't say I'd eat it if I ever saw this.
It's one of those mass produced quest hats.... has a rather winey smell to it too.

hell of a compendium.
This is a work of murderous art, TW. Killing my tiny Alliance brethren has never looked so adorable.
Tru, I never thanked you for going through the trouble and hassle of creating a new char on Sentinels and mailing me about the RogueResource stuff. So... thank you. :)

Ryan's Web site is quite good (edit to note: it's been mentioned in this sticky since forevers), and I've long admired his writing style as well as his overall approach to the game. I'm not sure what he feels I'd be able to add to what he already does, though -- and I'm even less sure I'd have the time to do it. If he's able to see the email addies of the people who post comments, then he's got my contact info and is welcome to say hello anytime. But I duno what I could possibly write about that you and he wouldn't already have covered.
A few small adjustments to the list o' guides today. (The FAQ is still in sore need of updating; I will totally still definitely do that someday absolutely maybe.)

Added this outstanding new piece to the PvE basics/leveling section:

Encrypted Text: Leveling Your Rogue in Cataclysm
Excellent, succinct advice by Chase Christian (aka Madsushi@Azgalor) on all three specs. (At WoW Insider)

To make room for it, though, I removed the general link to Encrypted Text that had been in that section. At some point I may try to make room for a "news/general resources" section and add it back in. I also retired this link completely, since it's gone far too long without being updated for Cata and my list includes enough things that are better:

Rogue Class Guide

Superbasic explanations for rogue newcomers. Parts are out of date, so use only as a primer. (At Ten Ton Hammer)

Meanwhile, down in the funfunfunfun section, I've added two new thingies that very much deserve not to get lost in the forum hubbub:

Haileaus Presents "Hunters and You: Know the Dangers!"

Grotegeld Offers Class Improvement Suggestions From an Average Rogue

As always, suggestions, comments and critiques are most welcome! My trusty assistant will dutifully write them down for me very carefully on expensive paper using an antique fountain pen; frame them; and then burn them.
Eeep, I just looked through the PvP guide section. Several things still hadn't been updated for 4.2, which looks even worse considering some of them had never been updated for 4.1 either.

These three have been removed from the list entirely, at least until they're updated or new versions are created:

Gearing a Fresh 85: Rogue
A brief overview of the first steps to take in gearing up your level-capped rogue for PvP, including recommended enchants. (By Furi, at Skill Capped)
Removed 9/1/11 because it still hadn't been updated for 4.2 and the new tier

PvP Guide to Abilities, Strats and Counters
Incomplete, but still useful. (By Aeriwen)
Removed 9/1/11 because, almost 7 months after its creation, it's still more incomplete than not, and shows no signs of being updated; hope all's well for you wherever you are, Aeriwen

Best Gear in Season 9: Subtlety Rogue
An expert's take on optimal gear sets and stat priorities for Sub PvP, along with comments on gemming and enchanting. (By Perryo, at Skill Capped)
Removed 9/1/11 because it still hadn't been updated for 4.2

Meanwhile, I fixed a couple of broken links and added a general link to Skill Capped's PvP video guides, though folks seeking guidance there should note that the majority of their vids require a paid subscription to see (unless you can find them posted elsewhere in a deliciously copyright-infringed manner).
Finally watched that video just now, Tru. The Arathi Basin cap actually had me clenching my fists in anxiety. This is alllmost enough to make me dip my toes back into substandard, unrated, parents-would-be-ashamed-to-see-it PvP.

I like the approach you took with text/zooms rather than voice. It'd be awesome if you could do these in higher res!

My Big Fat List is in need of updating; when I do, I'm happy to add it to what I hope to turn into a list of recommended PvP videos for folks of various stripes and skill levels. (After all, I learned something by watching it, so it's at least good enough for a panics-during-PvP noob like me.) Got any other recommendations? I remember seeing a vid I liked from Nils in which he did Warsong Gulch at level 14 with no heirlooms... no voiceovers or text, though, which makes it much harder to learn from if you're new to that world.
good list of guides to help out all the new rogues out there.
Thanks Chudds. :)

I've updated the Fat List to (finally) include a section on transmogrification questions. It's small for now, but I hope to fill it in with additional useful stuff soonish. My one snag is figuring out what to link to in terms of providing examples of stuff rogues have actually done with their gear. We've got a few really long threads that originally had dozens and dozens of great examples, but because people's gear and transmogs change over time, the look they were modeling at the time they posted in the thread may no longer be there. So the threads become more and more useless with each passing day. So sad!
Awesome info about hit and expertise in here, as well as desired weapon speeds. I'm very new to playing a melee DPS (I'm used to healers, tanks and casters, this is the first I've really gotten into melee DPS), so this all helped out a ton. ^^
You're so kind to say so, thank you! Especially since I just spotted a mistake in that section I need to fix. o.O

This bullet point *had been* true until a few months ago:

Your online Armory profile does not take the Precision talent into account when calculating your melee and spell hit. For each point of Precision you took, that's 2% more hit than your Armory claims you have.

But our Armory stats now correctly include hit rating/percentage gained through Precision, so no mental addition needs to be done. Sorry for not spotting/fixing this earlier.

I also wanna edit to add, as a general mea culpa to anyone reading this (hi mom!), that I realize my "guide to guides" section has been... um... allowed to lie fallow for a little too long. The weeds have thusly grown high on that land: There are links to several resources that are no longer as relevant or up-to-date as they used to be.

I'll be giving that whole section a sweep shortly, once I've figured out exactly what to do with all the links in there. I'm thinking I may just turn the first few posts of this thread into an archive of fun/classic forum threads and other cool stuff, and disperse all the still-valid guide links throughout the "FA of Qs" sister thread, nestled within whichever section of that thread each link fits best.
can you tell me if my stats are ok, or what is wrong?

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